Quick Tips For Housebreaking A Puppy

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PuppyThere are some quick tips for housebreaking a puppy that will be very easy to accomplish if you are patient and committed to the task. When you get your puppy and begin to plan a housebreaking strategy, it will be important to remember that your puppy is a baby and will not understand the rules of the house immediately.

Yelling and rubbing a puppy’s nose in their mess does not work when you want to housebreak your puppy. This method often scare and confuses the puppy because everywhere they sniff, they smell mess so they don’t know where the right place to go to do their business is. Following these simple steps are going to give you much more success when you are training your puppy.

Some people decide to paper train their puppy before moving the training to the out of doors. However, this often makes the training process longer and more confusing for the dog. Starting you puppy with outdoor potty training will be a great way to start proper training. If you plan on training your dog to go outside to go potty, you will not have to worry about moving newspaper slowly toward the door as you try to get them to go outside.

Take your dog outside first thing in the morning, right after they eat or drink, and last thing at night. By developing this habit, they will learn much more easily to wait until morning to go potty. Additionally, don’t feed your dog two hours before bedtime. If you feed your dog snacks right before bedtime, you will probably have a mess to clean up in the morning.

If you dog starts sniffing or turning in circles, take it outside, to do it’s business. This is one of the main signs that a puppy will give when it is looking for a place to potty. You will also want to take your pet out after they have been playing.

When there is a mess, and there will be, clean it up immediately and use a deodorizer to remove any odor from the floor or carpet. If you praise the dog when you take it out, whether or not it goes potty, and ignore it when it makes an indoor mess, it will quickly connect the praise with doing it’s business outside.

A great tip involves cues. Dogs respond to sound cues extraordinarily well. When you feed your dog canned food, they will often come when they hear the can opener. By using a bell or timer each time you put your puppy out, they will get used to going outside to go potty when they hear a bell or timer. To get them in the habit, use a timer set for one hour and put them outside each time the bell goes off.

A great way to put a twist on this tip is to use a little silver bell instead of a timer. When you dog gets use to going outside when it hears the bell, hang the bell near the door. When the dog needs to go outside, it will ring the bell to alert you. This is a great timesaving way to housebreak your dog and make sure that it gets out whenever it needs to. When you are looking for puppy potty training tips you will find that there are many ways to incorporate puppy housebreaking with other tricks that you can teach your dog. Making housebreaking a fun experience will be a great experience for both you and your dog.

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