Purina One Special Care Urinary Tract Health Formula, 7 lb Bag

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Purina ONE Active Health ManagementPurina ONE gives you the nutritional tools you need to proactively manage your cat’s health and long, active life through wellness and special formulas, all backed by the latest scientific research.Helps Maintain Urinary Tract HealthA cat’s urinary tract health is a big concern for may cat owners. And research shows that a diet of Purina ONE Special Care Urinary Tract Health Formula can help certain adult cats maintain a healthy urinary tract. How? With a diet that reduces urinary tract pH and provides low dietary magnesium.This formula is made with real chicken, brewers rice, and other high-quality ingredients. Chicken is a high-quality source of protein, and grains provides necessary carbohydrates for energy. These and the other high-quality ingredients in this 100% complete and balanced formula for adult cats produce results you can see.The Ingredients Provide Unsurpassed NutritionCorn Gluten Meal: Proteinmuscle developmentshiny hair coatGround Yellow Corn: Carbohydrates, Linoleic Acidenergyshiny hair coatChicken: Protein, Amino Acids, Fat, Calciummuscle developmentskin & hair coatBrewers Rice: Carbohydrates, B-Complex Vitaminsvisionheart functionmuscle developmentWheat Flour: Carbohydrates, Proteinvisionheart functionmuscle developmentContains no fillers, artificial colors, or flavors.

Product Features

  • Complete and balanced nutrition specially formulated to support urinary tract health in adult cats by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium

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3 Responses

  1. L. Jones "OCwildlife"
    | Reply

    Purina Urinary track special care for Cats My cat has not had a problem with her kidneys since I put her on this. It seems to be consistent and is easy to eat. The kernals are not as hard as the higher priced brands. Hard to find in stores so I buy it here at Amazon. Yes!!!

  2. Polecat
    | Reply

    Potty Problems Gone I tried this food because one of our cats was sometimes going potty where he shouldn’t. I thought maybe he had crystals in his urine so it hurt to go potty and he was looking for a softer place to go potty other than the litter box. I heard that some types of cat food may cause crystals and so I decided to try a urinary tract formula (it must be a fairly common problem if there is a special food for it).The problem seems to have gone away now that he is eating the Purina One Special Care Urinary Tract Health Formula. He’s been eating this as his main food for about a year and, so far, so good.

  3. Poukah
    | Reply

    No more UTI After my two-year-old male cat had two urinary blockages, one after the other, I switched the dry food part of his diet to Purina One Special Care Urinary Tract Health Formula. He not only loved this food — better than his high-end wet food — but also has been symptom free for over a year now. I give this food 4 Stars because its first ingredient is corn gluten meal, which is likely to be from GMO corn and which cats do not eat in nature, so that I worry a bit about the long-term effects on a young cat. While I am still looking for a better quality dry cat food with both low magnesium and low pH but without corn, I’m very pleased that my cat, contrary to the vet’s predictions, is doing beautifully on his current diet.

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