Puppy Training Session: Stop Running Away and Stopping Other Unwanted Habits

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19 Responses

  1. Blue Marker 99
    | Reply

    She is unteachable I tried and tried and I'm probably gonna have to give her up

  2. Blue Marker 99
    | Reply

    Please please teach my dog to stop biting and sit I will give 50$

  3. Hallows Synnh
    | Reply

    Do you think you could do a video on dog training for an sd for public access, alerting for traffic, and blocking/warning handler about anyone/anything coming up on the handler's blind spots? That would really great but if not it's cool. Keep up the good work.

  4. Reading is Magic! TV
    | Reply

    I love the paintings on your new set

  5. Priscilla Mayeaux
    | Reply

    Thank you for all the great tips. I use as many of them as I can. And they really help.

  6. vishnu dathan
    | Reply

    how to train a dog run.. pls do tht…

  7. ItzGamezKenYt Vlogs - Minecraft - Roblox
    | Reply

    Thanks Zak if i ever had a dog this is will help me!

  8. ladylee8
    | Reply

    This is a very good lesson

  9. Hansani Sadisna
    | Reply

    Hey i am new to your channel from the first video I watched I subscribed.but I also have dog I want ask some QUESTIONS,she is 9 moths old her name is rexy she barely eat also her fur is going a lot I just got her on Saturday for a reward from my parents for getting good marks and also she is not active at all. Rexy is a Pomeranian I think she starts shivering so badly if like I laugh loud with my cousins or of some scream is this normal?? Hey lease reply my thanks . By the way my name is Hansani and I am only 11 years old

  10. Shaun Maddison
    | Reply

    Hello I have a lab cross with a bull mastiff how much exercise would you recommend he needs thank you

  11. andre sierra
    | Reply

    I just wanted to say your videos are great. I have been watching them since just before I got my puppy! Super helpful.

    FYI – I finally signed up with PetFlow.com so I could use the code you listed because this is one of the few online sites that carries Fromm's. You might want to update your caption as there is a minimum purchase of $65 with your code.

    either way thanks for all the useful information!

  12. Nikhil Vinod
    | Reply

    Hi! I recently got a maltipoo on Saturday and he first couple of days we had him, he was acting normal. A little bit later he started to get really aggressive and and he starts jumping around. Whenever we scold him, he just continues to bite. Are we doing anything wrong? If so, could you give us some tips? Thank you!

  13. Vica Pota
    | Reply

    Can you make video about gaining trust of the scared or shy dog and how to build them confident and proud dogs, i just rescued 9 weeks old husky from bad owner but she doesnt trust any human being and always scared of everything and almost eat nothing

  14. Calle Andersson
    | Reply

    Can your dog get “too much” training in a day? Where should I draw the line of how much my dog can train in a day? LOVE the channel, keep it up!

  15. Joel Budreux
    | Reply

    Wow puppies are one thing but spoiled kids AND puppies with a parent who obviously has not seen a single video of Zak's is entirely different.

  16. Joel Budreux
    | Reply

    It takes a real professional to have such an incredible amount of patience.

  17. sunanda ekka
    | Reply

    Why my dog bark on someone(other than family member) when they try give him food?😟😣people are afraid of him and I can't introduce them to him

  18. DrawYourWay
    | Reply

    You should make a video that teaches people who deem their dog "aggressive" and chain them up in the backyard, that they've simply misunderstood their animal.

  19. vanshaj Mahajan
    | Reply

    I m getting a golden retriever this month.. Any tips for me.. As I am a first time owner..

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