puppy from pet store ( stop buying, sad video :( )

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

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What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. TheAliciair
    | Reply

    There is an SEC for the banks, why can there be an Animal Security Commission (ASC) for Mills. Where it can regulate this humanity for the most innocent in this world, the animals…It is a shame the ASPCA has so limited funds and jurisdiction when in comes to mills…

  2. EiffelBeauty
    | Reply

    @huskylover127 if we keep buying from mills, it leads to more puppies in distress. you need to boycott them becase the abusive stores will get shut down and all of the puupies will be at shelters getting correct care and real veterinary assistance. so, you are WRONG.

  3. FascinationFashion
    | Reply

    i just cried. SO sadddd:(((

  4. GottaLoveMe962
    | Reply


  5. toniiiiismyname
    | Reply

    @slothcookie … Yea… Sadly you’re right 🙁 we just can’t seem to do anything right can we??? God bless those poor dogs 

  6. mstwirlyturtle13
    | Reply

    9 people should be ashamed of them selves.

  7. cooper7451778
    | Reply

    So sad i love how you said beauty stuff as links helps alot of people watch this video great idea to do that as the links bad idea for the puppy mills so horrible

  8. piggy0332
    | Reply

    i think bubzbeauty works for them, lets hate her!

  9. der247
    | Reply

    Oh nooo… Teary eyes… How sad

  10. ZhexProductions
    | Reply

    You might as well be supportin puppy abortion if every single dog has to be killed just because of the situations he was born into the world isnt perfect alright just be lucky there are more dogs living healthily then there are that are fighting for food scraps

  11. TessaHarlow
    | Reply

    Most of us were thrilled that the new HP7 movie had been already leaked. We viewed the whole thing on watch harry potter. us (no spaces)

  12. sushisalmon11
    | Reply

    @huskylover127 thats something someone says who doesnt understand fully. if everyone stopped buying them the demand would diminish and the puppy mills would go out of business. The puppies that are not bought will go to shelters where they can be rescued by loving people

  13. MrIluvcandy
    | Reply

    this is soooo sad to watch, people, STOP puppy mills, please!!!

  14. purplegrape777
    | Reply

    @huskylover127 shelters need us more. the animlas there ahev been disowned abused mistreated etc. besides, you usually pay more in pet stores anyways..

  15. purplegrape777
    | Reply

    @huskylover127 shelters need us more. the animals there have been disowned abused mistreated etc. besides, you usually pay more in pet stores anyways..

  16. YouKnowShesGorqeous
    | Reply

    i absoultly love animals i CAN NOT STAND people who do this to any type of animals , how wouldd you like it if i did this to you and made you breed uncontrolably!! i wish i could help all these animals some how 🙁 in the town i live in i can not find anywhere i could help like in shelters like to spend time with them since im only 16 🙁

  17. MyIoRa
    | Reply

    Thanks to the Animal Cops (SPCA) The puppy mill have stop. 🙂 But some other countries have not 🙁

  18. jairwwefan
    | Reply


  19. eyeofth3b3hold3r
    | Reply

    this is so false and animals are not children, now I’m going to have go shoot a dog and play kitten baseball.

  20. TheScarletbeauty
    | Reply

    @eyeofth3b3hold3r imagine if you were one of those puppies,how would be feeling? i bet you would scream for help but nobody would hear you! i hope you get kicked out of your house and live on the street hungry and dirty to see how it feels! BTW…… at least grow a heart 🙁

  21. 75Edhardy
    | Reply

    i have just saw a guy hit a dog and he drove off
    why would u do that

  22. computerlady101
    | Reply

    I would adopt everyone if I could, No animal should be treated like this it makes me sick.

  23. JBloveforever9
    | Reply

    @eyeofth3b3hold3r get a heart!!!! i wish you were one of those dogs and thrown on the steet to see how it feels. you dont need to watch this video and then be a bitch about it!!!

  24. bbysarax3
    | Reply

    No matter what you believe, it’s all wrong and should be stopped; it’s not right.

  25. Cupcake11756
    | Reply

    Thats so sad… 🙁

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