Puppy Experiences 11 Different Things for the FIRST TIME!

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Socializing your puppy, and exposing them to new things can go a long way towards making them accepting of new things. Plus doing so can really accelerate the bond between you and your dog!

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmMGypWsr8u-yGOUSoPoozb

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. dragonbalz
    | Reply

    Dude, you're awesome. I will be buying your book as soon as I get my puppy. Love your dedication to your work. Very inspiring

  2. Ashley Verna
    | Reply

    i have a golden retriever and it was so hard to train him at first. until my friend referred me to this online ecourse on how to train dogs and it has changed my life ever since. its so EASY to get started !
    >>> http://tinyurl.com/yaprp4kx <<<

  3. tan hui en
    | Reply

    Can u do how to survive first night with a puppy/dog?

  4. ETV and Friends
    | Reply

    Can you make more videos with BB-8

  5. smartyoff2010
    | Reply

    Hello my dog is a fairly older dog she is active and loves to play on occasion. She is new to us only had her about a year or two and I wanted to know how to teach her to fetch she generally does the motion but sometime she won’t bring the toy back I try to use treats to enhance her but she loses all interest in the toy and now just the treats if you or anyone have any advice I would appreciate it

  6. Alex Hamberg
    | Reply

    I bet he is dreaming of petflow in his sleep

  7. Rayan Hani
    | Reply

    zak:forget his reaction, look at this… who invented this!?!?!
    me: am dying from laughing 😂

  8. saeed habib
    | Reply

    Do a video of your dog and how it responds to you like if you agree

  9. FanBoy Kpop
    | Reply

    Hello zak or other people seeing this comment i have a question to ask
    If my puppy 🐶 started play biting should i go to the doctor if my puppy 🐶 play bite me? seens am scared

  10. Estorra Wolf
    | Reply

    Hey Zak can you make a video of how to help your new dog or puppy on there first night

  11. Bro Studios
    | Reply

    I am getting a golden retriever puppy net week on Monday can I get a few likes for him

  12. maria zavaleta
    | Reply

    Make another video im bored so is my dog

  13. xoxoRomeo
    | Reply

    The bubble gun😂😂

  14. Suzi Keenan
    | Reply

    I got a kick watching you with the bubble machine. 🙂

  15. NoOdLeS media
    | Reply

    Zak i need help, my dog is scared of the clicker and se shows no interest at all when i use it, she just runs away and sit down in my moms or my brothers knee when i use The clicker, do you know why, can you please give me some tips to make her like it or just other ways to teach her tricks, also sometimes when i try to teach her tricks she just ignores me and The treat, some tips??

  16. sarah derby
    | Reply

    Deuce, what a cute puppy 🐶

  17. Layla Garcia
    | Reply

    Why is there a golden doodle on the cover but a lab in the video lol

  18. Filip Sádovský
    | Reply

    Interesting fuct about mirrors. There is actually only hand full of animals able to recognise themself in mirror. If i remember correctly some of them are dolphins, ravens or some apes… 😉

  19. Katey Jennel
    | Reply

    Almost at 1M 😁🤞🏻

  20. greg wishart
    | Reply

    I thought you said his name was "dushe" at first. haha

  21. ann mcleod
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, is there something you can do to address nervous reactivity…to things such as thunder and how to calm them. Thanks in advance.

  22. ali yaghi
    | Reply

    my german shepherd dog bite a lot it's 6monthes years old i don't no if this is natureral or not??????
    please any one help me😣😢

  23. Saraiyah Escalante
    | Reply

    I have a new dog, but he is very active i tell her to sit she sits but doesn't stay what should I do

  24. Sabrina G.
    | Reply

    Hi Zak! I'm great fan of your videos 😊
    Could you pleaseeee do a video about potty training a puppy that doesn't have all the shots yet in an apartment? (no garden)
    And how to do the transition once they got all the shots?

  25. Jairo De Leon
    | Reply

    Hey like if u want him to go to the pet store and show most of the dogs

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