I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

A very adorable bichon poodle with a VERY big smile gets a belly scratch from her “grammy”! This is unmistakably a smile, and it’s the BIGGEST smile you’ll ever see on a dog! You just might smile, too!

What do you think?

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  1. suki10721 says:

    Chexk out my Bichon’s video! Yeah, They do definitely smile! Love all Bichons!

  2. suki10721 says:

    Check out my Bichon’s video! Yeah, They do definitely smile! Love all Bichons!

  3. suki10721 says:

    Check out my Bic hon’s video! Yeah, They do definitely smile! Love all Bic hons!

  4. ilovezoe98 says:

    MY first and current dog is a BIchon! They have the best temprements (and looks).
    Im honestly trying not 2 b biased, shes beautiful.

  5. QTsarahxx18 says:

    I have a Bichon and it pulls the same face when I tickle him, its like he’s laughing.

  6. SHINeeLover1806 says:

    yeah AGREE!

  7. angelmikey185 says:

    i have a bichon too and she puts on that face when i tickle her (:

  8. ChumsDogWalking says:

    Just love this video Bichons are great little dogs they think they are great big dogs.

  9. songwriterslounge says:

    That is very cute but miss peaches the puppy ,is the worlds first praying puppy.Every morning before eating she rolls on her back and sticks her paws
    together as if she is saying her prayers. She also has a twin siter lives accos the street, see them playing now in video , that 300 plus vies on you tube. Working on one of her praying – but she says its her private time .

  10. pauloperez21 says:

    Go mutts!

  11. ifmaribel says:

    @iluvmypets1 , they are all cute and lovely and they smile, definitley they do !

  12. All Bichon’s have their own individual smile. :D

  13. CrazzyRomanian says:

    I love my pitbull !

  14. Awee. This reminds me so much of my dog.! :D Hes a bichon-poo tooo<3 He loves his bellly rubbed.. Maybe ill post a video one day . :)

  15. very cute. I don’t see many Bichons that are nearly as cute as MINE but yours comes close! Does yours prance? Mine does but not sure if its the breeding or if they all do it.

  16. ThePetnannyfinland says:

    of couse dogs can smile! :)

  17. kmanfitz says:

    I have a bichon named Chester. He’s my best friend, but he can’t smile. No dog can. It only looks like they are. I’ve seen extremely pissed off dogs make the same face in between growling.

  18. thetoolbox112394 says:

    My dog does the same thing!! haaha soooo cute. My Maddie likes tummy rubs too. and she smiles just like that too!

  19. SolarGamer says:

    i swear bichons are always laughing constantly .

  20. elliebob9 says:

    Awwwww :) that made me smile :)

  21. i used to have a bichonpoo, he really can smile :)
    i miss him T_T

  22. slkittykat5 says:

    omg tht so is my dog

  23. Wow! Thats a happy dog! :) Lovely healthy teeth as well!

  24. Wigglefacey says:

    My bichon frise smiles all the time:)

  25. kaykakys says:

    My bichon frisé Dolly smiles too!! (but she complains a lot as well, with no sound! it’s totally in her face!)

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