Super Pet CritterTrail Lazy Look-Out Accessory Kit 1 Multi-Colored


The Super Pet CritterTrail Lazy Look-Out Accessory Kit offers a fun way to increase your small friend’s living space to create the ultimate habitat. It provides extra room for your hamster, mouse or gerbil to move around. The dual-purpose crittertrail expansion kit makes a safe nesting area. It also doubles as a high tower for your curious animals. The crittertrail activity accessory kit includes a lazy look-out accessory, J-Tube, two x 3.5" tubes and a couple of x connector rings. It also sets up easily. The bubble wave Fun-nel has a comfort grip that is safe for their paws. It comes with a removable twist-lock cover for quick access and trouble-free cleaning. The Super Protect Antimicrobial Technology offers a healthier and cleaner environment. Connect the crittertrail expansion kit to other systems, such as the Habitrail to expand their little home.

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<strong><br></strong><b>Super Pet CritterTrail Lazy Look-Out Accessory Kit:</b><ul><li>Expand Critter trail habitats with this functional accessory</li><li>Bubble wave Fun-nel – comfort grip that is safe for your pet’s paws</li><li>Dual-purpose design makes a safe nesting area or a great look-out tower for your pet</li><li>Removable twist-lock cover provides easy access and trouble-free cleaning</li><li>Crittertrail activity accessory kit features Super Protect Antimicrobial Technology to provide a healthier, cleaner accessory for your pet</li><li>Crittertrail expansion kit is universally connectable so it easily attaches to all CritterTrail, Habitrail and S.A.M. systems</li></ul>

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