Smokehouse Products All Purpose Natural Brine Mix, Pack of 1 Multi-Colored


Improve the taste of your BBQ or grilled food with this Smokehouse All Purpose Brine Mix. It is formulated to make 2-qts of solution for marinating foods to enhance their flavor and preserve freshness. This brine solution for food is most commonly used when smoking meat and fish, but may be used as flavor-enhancers prior to conventional cooking methods. It can be used for all kinds of meat including beef, pork and poultry.

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<p><b>Smokehouse All Purpose Brine Mix:</b></p><ul><li>Makes 2-qt marinating solution</li><li>Enhances flavor and preserves freshness</li><li>For use on meat, fish, poultry and more</li><li>This food mix is ideal for smoking</li><li>Model# 9746-001-000</li><li>Suitable for BBQ and grill</li><li>Can also be used for improving the flavor for conventional cooking methods</li></ul>

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