Prevue Pet Products Breeder Cage, White


<p>This Prevue Pet Products Breeder Cage is a compact way to house finches, canaries or other small birds. Designed with unique "feet," you can securely stack up to four units high. Featuring side nest box doors, one solid and one wire divider, each side of the small birdcage includes two plastic feeder cups and one plastic perch. It is the ideal fit for breeding finches or other small birds and the clear cups help you to see how much seed is left. This Prevue Pet Products Breeder Cage features 1/2" wire spacing and is sturdy and durable and comes in a nice looking and clean white color. Having the right cage to start a new family can be key, and this small birdcage can make the ideal choice.</p>

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<br><b>Prevue Pet Products Breeder Cage, White:</b><ul><li>Prevue Pet product cage, white is compact</li><li>Ideal for finches, canaries and other small birds</li><li>Unique "feet" allow you to stack up to four units</li><li>Side nest box doors</li><li>Includes two plastic feeder cups and one plastic perch</li><li>Dimensions: 23-1/4"L x 10-1/2"W x 14"H</li><li>1/2" wire spacing</li><li>90-day limited manufacturer’s warranty</li></ul>

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