PetArmor Flea & Tick Protection for Dogs up to 22 lbs, 3-month Supply


PetArmor Flea & Tick Protection for Dogs provides the same No. 1 veterinarian-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, in the same concentration as Frontline Top Spot. Kills ticks, including ticks that may transmit lyme disease<br><br>

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<b>PetArmor Flea & Tick Protection for Dogs Up to 22lbs.:</b><ul><li>Approved for use on puppies 8 weeks and older</li><li>Kills adult fleas</li><li>Kills ticks</li><li>Waterproof</li><li>Kills ticks</li><li>Kills chewing lice</li><li>Fast acting</li></ul><h3>How it Works</h3><p>PetArmor works the same way as Frontline Top Spot, providing full-body protection to help keep your pets flea and tick free. And they stay gone for 30 days. It’s that simple. PetArmor contains fipronil, so it kills fleas and ticks on your pet. Even new fleas that hatch later will be killed when they jump on your pet. PetArmor is just as safe and effective as Frontline Top Spot.</p><h3>What can I expect after treatment?</h3><p>After treatment with PetArmor, fleas and ticks get very active as they die and move to the top of the pet’s coat where they are more visible. This is a sign that the product is working. If you see fleas several days or weeks after applying PetArmor, you may have an infestation in your yard or elsewhere. Remember to treat all pets in your house with PetArmor every 30 days throughout the year to help protect your pets from fleas and ticks.</p><h3>Prevention is the best medicine</h3><p>As with most things in life, prevention is much easier and less expensive than treating an existing problem. Even a few fleas can spread throughout your home and be difficult to overcome. Using PetArmor medication every 30 days will protect your pet.</p>

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