Guardian Underground Fence System


The Guardian Underground Fence System is a smart, affordable way to keep your pet secure in your yard. Bury the wire just below the surface and attach it to the transmitter to begin. Your pet will wear a special receiver collar that works with the underground pet fence to keep them within the boundary. The collar will deliver a warning tone as they approach the boundary followed by a quick correction if they attempt to leave the area. With the Guardian Underground Fence System, training can be done in as little as two weeks. It works for most shapes and layouts of yards and features a low battery indicator that flashes when the battery gets low. <br>

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Reasons for use include health and reproductive issues, leash laws, housing covenants, and just good neighborly courtesy. As a responsible pet owner, one of your primary responsibilities is ensuring that your dog stays in your yard and does not run at large. By keeping pets confined, you eliminate many threats to safety, such as being hit by a car, getting lost or getting into poisonous substances.<br> <br><b>Guardian Underground Fence System:</b><ul><li>Contain your pet inexpensively</li><li>Works for most shapes and layouts of yards</li><li>Guardian pet fence is safe and effective for pets over 8 lbs</li><li>Surge protector and long contact points included</li><li>Waterproof receiver collar</li><li>2 adjustable levels of correction (plus tone only for training)</li><li>Low-battery indicator flashes when battery gets low</li><li>Covers up to 5 acres (additional boundary wire purchase necessary)</li></ul>

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