Family Farm: Stable’s Choice 12 Feed, 40 lb



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<ul><li>Family Farm. When You Take Pride In Your Animals, Only The Highest Quality Feed Will Do. For Generations, The Makers of Family Farm Have Produced Nutritious Feed Products For Animal Owners Like You, Who Take Pride In Raising Livestock and Pass Those Values On to Their Families. Our Products Are Consistently Made With Quality Ingredients That Ensure You Are Providing The Best For Your Animals. You’ve Worked Hard For All You Have. Let Family Farm Work Hard For You.</li><li>Stable’s Choice 12 Feed Stable’s Choice 12 In The Amount Necessary to Maintain Desired Body Weight and Condition. The Amount Will Vary Depending On Many Factors Including Quantity and Quality of Forage and Amount of Exercise. Use 6 to 8 Pounds of Stable’s Choice 12 Per Day As A Starting Guideline, Then Gradually Adjust The Feeding Rate According to The Horse’s Needs. Stable’s Choice 12 Is Designed to Be Fed With Good Quality Hay and/Or Pasture. Provide A Minimum of 1 Pound of Hay Or Pasture Per 100 Pounds of Body Weight. Feeding Management Practices: Change to This Feed from Other Products Gradually Over A 5 to 7 Day Period. Do Not Cut This Feed With Oats Or Other Grains. Do Not Overfeed Or Offer This Product On A Free Choice Basis. Divide The Grain Ration Into 2 Or More Feedings Per Day. Do Not Feed More Than 0.5% of The Animal’s Body Weight In Grain At Any One Time. Maintain A Regular Feeding Schedule. Provide Fresh, Clean Water, Plain Salt, and Adequate Forage At All Times. Do Not Allow Hot , Exercised Horses Free Access to Water Until They Have Been Cooled-Out.</li><li>Try These Other Family Farm Products. All Stock. Product. Wagon Train, Description 12% All Stock Sweet Feed For Cattle, Mature Horses, Goats and Sheep. Product Whole Corn, Description Cleaned Corn For Cattle , Horses, Goats, Sheep, Swine and Poultry. Product Cracked Corn, Description Cleaned Corn For Cattle, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Swine and Poultry. Equine. Product Sweet 10, Description 10% Textured Sweet Feed For Active, Mature Horses. Product Manna Senior, Description 12.5% Pelleted Feed For Mature and Aged Horses. Product Stable’s Choice 12, Description 12% Textured Sweet Feed For Mature Horses. Product Complete Horse 10, Description 10% Pelleted Feed For Mature Horses. Product Race Horse Oats, Description Premium Quality Oats For Horses and All Other Livestock. Swine. Product Hog 14, Description 14% Pelleted Feed For Growing and Finishing Swine. Poultry. Product Egg Maker, Description Crumble Complete Feed For Laying Hens. Product Scratch, Description Mixed Grains For All Classes of Poultry. Add Calf-Manna to Your Feeding Program. It’s Not Just For Calves! For Over Seven Decades, Calf-Manna Has Been Considered America’s Best Nutritional Supplement. A Top-Quality Product With An Outstanding Track Record of Consistently Delivering Better Performance to A Wide Range of Animals; Calf-Manna Is Consumed By Everything from Growing and Performance Horses, to Cattle, Rabbits, Goats, Poultry, and Swine. This Tried-and-True Nutritional Supplement Fits Many Applications For Many Different Animals. In Short, It Works. Calf-Manna, With Roots Dating Back to 1930’s, Remain The Number One Asked For Feed Supplement On The Market Today. The Key Benefits of Calf-Manna. Easier Digestion. More Energy. Multiple Protein Sources. Keeps Animals On Feed.</li></ul>

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