Critter Care Natural Pet Bedding, 60 liter


<p>The Critter Care Natural Pet Bedding suppresses ammonia odor caused by pet urine. Its long fibers quickly absorb three times its weight in liquids from pet urine or leaky water bottles, keeping your pet safer, drier, and cleaner. Better absorption and better odor control mean it is healthier for your pets, as well as your family. Critter Care Bedding (60 liter) is all natural and safe. Low dust means less respiratory or allergy issues, as well as a cleaner habitat. Its soft cellulose fibers make a fluffy and cozy home for your pet. Your pet will love to play and burrow, and will have a warm nest for sleeping. Critter Bedding is made from reclaimed wood pulp. It is biodegradable and compostable after use. Compressed packages mean less packaging materials and more efficient transportation and storage.*NEW_LINE*</p>

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<b>Critter Care Natural Pet Bedding:</b><ul><li>For a fresher home</li><li>Specially formulated to control ammonia odors *NEW_LINE*</li><li>All-natural comfort and odor control</li><li>Compressed to 25.7 liters</li><li>Maximum absorbency for easy clean-up</li><li>Natural fibers for a safe, healthy habitat</li><li>Soft and comfortable for your pet</li></ul>

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