Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Replacement Cover, Large


<p>The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Replacement Cover is ideal for your cat or dog. It is made from durable exterior-grade materials that will last for many years to come. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and repels bacteria, mites and fleas. The fabric is also fade-resistant and easy to clean. Replace the top surface of your animal’s cot with this pet bed cover.</p>

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<b>Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Replacement Cover, Large:</b><br><ul><li>Made from durable exterior grade materials</li><li>Fabric resists bacteria, mites and fleas</li><li>Withstand extreme weather conditions</li><li>Comes in a large size</li><li>Easy to clean</li><li>Large Coolaroo pet bed replacement cover is fade resistant</li></ul><br>

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