Cat Condo Perch


The Cat Craft Perch Condo provides a wonderful play area for your feline friend. It features a small peek-a-boo tunnel for hiding, an elevated perch that makes an ideal lookout spot, an angled sisal scratch pad for natural scratching that leads to the perch and an additional scratch area that connects to the base. It is also equipped with two integrated hanging fur pom poms to encourage play and keep your pet engaged. This cat toy condo has a soft covering in a brown color and is quick and easy to assemble.

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<br><b>Cat Craft Cat Condo Perch, Brown:</b><ul><li>Cat condo in brown color</li><li>Elevated perch makes an ideal lookout spot</li><li>Angled sisal scratch pad for natural scratching leads to the perch</li><li>Additional scratch area connects the perch with the base</li><li>2 integrated hanging fur pom pom toys encourage play</li><li>Small peek-a-boo tunnel allows for hiding</li><li>Quick and easy to assemble</li></ul>

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