C.O.B. With Molasses: Three Grain Mix Farm Animal Feed, 40 lb



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<ul><li>A 3 Grain Mix of Corn, Oats, and Barley With Molasses For All Classes of Beef, Dairy, Equine, Goat, and Sheep</li><li>Try Calf-Manna As A Supplement to Your Present Feeding Regimen. Calf-Manna, A Legacy of Performance. Calf-Manna Was Developed By Carnation Companies Milling Division (The Predecessor to Manna Pro) In The 1930’s. The Goal In Developing Calf-Manna Was to Create A Dry Feed Which Would Provide Outstanding Nutrition For Young Dairy Calves. They Used The First Pellet Mill to Produce This Unique, Dry Feed. This Unprecedented Feeding Strategy Was Combined With Innovative Formulation. Only Top Quality Ingredients Have Been Used from The Very Beginning. and For Over 60 Years, We Have Steadfastly Refused to Substitute Lesser Ingredients to Lower Costs. The Results Were Both Immediate and Continuous. Advantages Were Seen In Nursing Calves, Replacement Heifers, and Lactating Cows. All This from An Innovative, New Product. Many Producers Still Testify to Top Performance In Calves and Cows Fed Calf-Manna. It Wasn’t Long Before Livestock Producers Found That The Calf-Manna Formula Was Good For Other Animals. Now Calf-Mana Is Used For All Classes of Livestock – from Dairy and Beef Cattle, to Growing and Performance Horses, to Goats, Swine, and Poultry. Today You Can Still Rely On Calf-Manna. and We Are Proud to Honor This Tradition With Our Slogan Manna Pro – The Calf-Manna Company. from The Continued Success of Calf-Manna, We Have Learned What Quality Ingredients and Consistent Formulation Can Do. That’s Why We Put The Same Innovation and Quality Into Every One of Our Products. Try Them and Create Your Own Legacy of Performance. Calf-Manna Is Registered In The U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.</li><li>Other Manna Pro Feeds: Calf-Manna – Concentrated Ration, Calf-Manna For Horses – Concentrate For All Life Stages, Apple Flavored Wafers – Horse Treat, Complete Horse 10 – Complete Feed, Manna Senior – Complete Feed, Race Horse Oats, Stables Choice 12 – 12% Textured Sweet Feed, Sweet 10 – 10% Protein Textured Sweet Feed, Sweet 14 – For Growing Horses and Active Mature Horses. Commercial Layer 16 – Pelleted Feed For Laying Hens, Family Farm Egg Maker – For Laying Hens, Scratch Grains – For All Classes of Poultry, Family Farm Hog 14 – Complete Feed For Swine, Potbellied Pig Food, Classic Show Rabbit – Complete Feed For Rabbits, Double Duty Rabbit – Complete Feed For Rabbits, Cracked Corn, Phase Ii – Medicated Milk Replacer, Wagon Train – All Stock Sweet Feed, Whole Corn.</li></ul>

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