Blue Ribbon Deluxe XL Dog Pads, 120-Count


<p>The Blue Ribbon Deluxe XL Dog House Training Pads are a durable solution to your animal care needs. They are made with pet attractant to encourage your dog to hit the correct spot on time. Plus, their super absorbency is highly effective to help you maintain a clean home and reduce odors. Get these dog training pads, available in a 120-count pack, for a more pleasant potty experience for you and your precious one.</p>

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<br><b>Blue Ribbon Deluxe XL Dog Pads, 120 Count:</b><ul><li>Size: 28"L x 30"W</li><li>120-count</li><li>Super absorbent polymer for exceptional performance, pet attractant and odor control</li><li>Leak-proof guarantee with Blue Ribbon pads</li></ul>

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