Aqua Culture Black Chips Aquarium Gravel, 5 lb


<p>This Aqua Culture Black Chips Aquarium Gravel, 5 lb, will keep your aquarium looking beautiful when you add it to the bottom. The black color of this fish aquarium gravel means that all the other colors in your aquarium tank, including your colorful fish or other marine animals, will appear brighter and be easier to spot. Gravel is an integral part of every aquarium. This 5 pound bag of aqua gravel will not only enhance the appearance of your underwater world, but it will also provide a surface for the growth of beneficial bacteria, which help to convert fish waste. Combining Aqua Culture Black Chips Aquarium Gravel with plants and decorations that provide cover and hiding places will create a healthy and natural environment for your aquatic creatures.</p>

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<b>Aqua Culture Black Chips Aquarium Gravel:</b><ul><li>Beautifies</li><li>Provides surface for beneficial bacterial</li></ul>

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