A Horse Called Wonder


After her family moves to a new farm, Ashley falls in love with a sickly foal, but she is not sure if her love is enough to save him

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Ashleigh wouldn’t care about anything, ever again.<p>Ashleigh Griffen swore she’d never give her heart to another horse — not after a terrible disease wiped out her family’s breeding farm, along with Ashleigh’s favorite mare, Stardust.</p><p>Now the Griffens are starting over as breeding managers at Townsend Acres, and Ashleigh’s sure she is going to hate living there.</p><p>Then a small, sickly foal is born — a beautiful copper filly that looks like Stardust. No one thinks the foal will live or that it’s worth trying to save. No one but Ashleigh.</p><p>Can one girl’s love alone work miracles?</p><p>Read Thoroughbred and experience the love and friendship between a determined girl and a very special filly.</p>

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