Potty Training a Hamster

I got some new things from the pet store today. Strawberry treats that are really yummy and a hamster potty that you can use to potty train your hamster. I’m…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Nevaeh Camacho says:

    1 . That cage is too small
    2 . She has no chews
    3 . U need more bedding so she can burrow 

  2. Gabriel Karl says:

    Your mom has to tell you to move it your dum and your hamster

  3. Builder Gaming says:

    You r just a retarded 8 yr old that shouldn’t own pets

  4. Tessa Ramsey says:

    I am not trying to be rude, but you should really get a larger cage when
    you have a Syrian hammy tha would be good for a robo hamster.

  5. LOCO BUSCUS says:

    That is way to small for a hamster cage and litter box

  6. M. Jamsen says:

    The cage is to small ..:/

  7. HamsterLps Jaden says:

    the poor thing has no chew toys or a lot of bedding

  8. SHARON LEE says:

    You need more bedding!!! How is she going to burrow? If you can’t take care
    of it properly then don’t get one 

  9. Cats WithLazers says:

    Ok I’m going to fix your mistakes.
    1.That cage is waaaayyy too small.
    2.If something is good for you,it usually is not good for your
    hamster.(some veggies are ok)
    Hope i helped

  10. Thatgirlgames90 says:

    It’s too small that’s why she did not go in

  11. Jillian Ellis says:

    I have a syian hamster myself and the cage you have for your hamster is a
    little bit too small. Critter trail cages are suppose to be for like dwarfs
    and all that but not syrians. If you want to you can just make a DIY cage
    like a bin or something else (it has to be see through though) but it has
    to be big enough for them to do their own business. BUT make sure you have
    some or a lot but not too much toys (or else the cage will look clustered)
    so they don’t feel lonely at all times. Mine mostly sleeps in her little
    pink igloo that i had gotten but she mostly doesn’t come out till night
    time. There’s a lot of other you can do to make a hamster cage, you just
    have to have the right stuff to use. I also have some hamster treats for
    the hamsters but your not suppose to taste it.. its all up to your hamster
    whether or not they’ll like it. I’ve tried the strawberry yogurt chips and
    now I’m trying a mixture of all berries put into this blend. If you want to
    know how to control the odor (if it really smells bad) just get a bag of
    pine and this soft granual bedding they have at the pet store and mix them
    together, it really helps with the odor control. But your doing really well
    on taking care of your hamster. I know this may be long but im just hoping
    that it may help you for future references. 

  12. Matej Djurasovic says:

    you don’t even know what your doing…

  13. SHARON LEE says:

    That cage is wayyyy too small did you do any research before getting a
    hamster? You shouldn’t own a hamster or any small animal at all 

  14. mochi the hamster says:

    Her csge is fine leave her alone and if u dont like it fo watch somewhere
    else gosh

  15. Builder Gaming says:

    You don’t need to potty train a hamster #noob

  16. Lauren Ficke says:

    I’m sure that bibbles lived a great life! But, for future rodents, try c&c
    cages! Look it up on YouTube. It gives them a lot of space and they will
    love it!

  17. 2 things i dont think she fits in that potty trainer thing and u need a
    bigger cage bibbles can get wet tail

  18. The cage is fine for bibbles!

  19. Builder Gaming says:

    You can’t be a pet owner

  20. Your cage is way too small for any hamster. The minimum cage size is 360
    square inches or more. 

  21. Shaili Singh says:

    Also, I recommend a new and bigger cage. Don’t be offended, but Bibbles
    needs more room .

  22. beaniebooreview says:

    It’s too small for her sweety, how about trying the triangular Pottys, they
    work a lot better

  23. Keren Leah Young says:

    I had a cage like this for my syrian hamster when she was only a baby. When
    she started to grow bigger I went out and bought a new and bigger cage for
    her. You have probably seen lots of the same comments about your hamsters
    cage and I must agree with them. Your hamster looks pretty big and it
    doesn’t look like enough space for her to run around. If she struggles in
    her tubes then yes, it’s way too small. I would suggest maybe a bigger cage
    for her to have a bit of space to play. If a cage is too expensive then a
    glass tank can also be used but I would recommend a cage as hamsters like
    to climb on the bars 🙂 Also, you could maybe take the lid off the potty so
    she can get in and out easily 🙂 best of luck!

  24. mitchell oomkens says:

    Your cage is way to small

  25. Shaili Singh says:

    She is handling it great! Give her a break, peeps! BibblesTheHamster, did
    it work? 

  26. That cage is way to small and so is the potty you would not have hamster
    you are way to young and don’t know what are doing and he needs a wheel

  27. Riley Givens says:

    Add a more bending 

  28. Waldo , You have found Waldo says:

    Worst Pet Owner Ever! 

  29. Your cage is way to small poor thing. 

  30. Kyle Schnell says:

    OMG did u just eat that!!??

  31. Akshara Thadakamalla says:

    Your cage is way too small you need a hamster cage and more toys for him to

  32. Neeka Rae says:

    The potty is too small

  33. lissy cooper says:

    OMG that is the same as my hamster by exact scary I called mine Sydney 

  34. Graceann Moore says:

    i have that cage but my hamster sleeps a lot and she likes it a lot at nite
    it has a lot of toys.

  35. Curry Wurst says:

    A hamster didn´t want to live in a cage like this. There isn´t much room
    and it´s all made of plastic. (sorry, my English isn´t very good)

    Sweet hamster ;)

  36. Amber Bamba says:

    Is the dried strawberry ment for people or hamsters because you ate one 

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