Possible Interuption In Progress

Again, trying to get this blog to function better .. I have been backing up all my files and databases today .. testing out a new wordpress plugin called: The InstantUpgrade plugin

Hopefully .. (although time will tell) .. this new plugin will effectively speed up the upgrading of all of my blogs from what could be at least a day or two (or, from past experience over a couple of weeks! :D) .. to a couple of hours every time there is a new release.

>> And, in case you didn’t know – WordPress plans to continually upgrade and provide new releases every 120 days.

Anyway …

WordPress version 2.2 aka “Getz” Version was released yesterday. Aaron Brazell from Technosailor reminds us some of the new things happening with this newer version and this is what I am most particularly interested in:

Plugin Sandbox
Ever had one of those times where you install a plugin that you didn’t know had code errors. You activate and go and view your site just to find it completely blank. You go back to your plugin page and it too is blank. The only remedy was to FTP into the site (or SSH if you choose, Mr. Ninja!) and delete the plugin.

Now that is no longer an issue. Plugins are sandboxed upon activation. By that, I mean, the code in the plugin is evaluated on activation for code with fatal errors – the kind that make your site blank – and if the code doesn’t pass the test, it is simply not activated. This prevents an errant plugin from taking down your whole site.

As you are aware, this blog has been having some problems. As far as I can tell, and from testing everything – all my plugins that are activated work perfectly. These plugins are the latest versions. Everything works – individually, that is.

For some of the problems that has been happening to my blog well, I’ve been suspecting (from a lack of any other knowledge) that there might be a possible conflicting 2 or more plugins that are creating these problems.

I am curious, to see if the new upgraded version 2.2 will detect this, and place a few plugins into this so called “sandbox”!


All my backups are made .. I am just about to install this new “InstantUpgrade” plugin .. set the permissions accordingly, and give this upgrade a go. From the other 3 blogs that I have successfully installed and upgraded (out of 40 blogs), the preliminary stuff took me about 20 minutes to prepare .. and the upgrade actually took about 20 seconds!

So .. if you see anything funny … please – bear with me, and/or contact … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. and let me know!

Take care

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