Playing the Poopoozela FAIL

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Name this video add at the end of your comment FAIL or WIN – Thanks for all the subs if you r not a susbcribers then sub now to get daily funny videos. ignore : shit crap dog win fail shits on the floor carpet failorsurvive funny owned hahaha noob Vuvuzela WM cute dog funny lol epic puppy ownage dogs fails “epic fail” chihuahua attempt owning n00b owns playing pet uber boxer red bull pets doggy pit lab barking

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. johnten123
    | Reply

    vuvuzela fail!

  2. PrimeShotz
    | Reply

    Lol win

  3. 94GTX94
    | Reply


  4. skaterpoodles
    | Reply

    Shit Happens!

  5. superkid0396
    | Reply

    Scared piss-less.

  6. Maxlegendable
    | Reply

    Dog Own Again!

  7. GSaray05
    | Reply

    dog does dada.

  8. giovanni09pso
    | Reply

    vuvuz-ela malaka na deis ti ekanes…

  9. deucecake54
    | Reply

    Soccer sucks!

  10. norcoriders99
    | Reply

    A Shity song!

  11. angusleilomo
    | Reply

    Fart makes you shit

  12. oirishonions
    | Reply

    pied piper fail

  13. Hedgecrawler
    | Reply

    owning the dog fail

  14. footballnico1
    | Reply

    Revenge with a dirty Smell

  15. InsaneBlade97
    | Reply

    Dog orgasim

  16. FailChanne7
    | Reply

    thanks for all the comments and also thx to the winner MRevolution44 ^^

  17. darkstel
    | Reply

    Thats why dogs sucks

  18. MRevolution44
    | Reply


    OMG THX!! 😀

  19. TRoastable
    | Reply

    erm… hes peeing not pooing

  20. 13kellyh
    | Reply

    the best part is that he looked back at you while peeing… ‘YOU LIKE THIS???’

  21. dhns555
    | Reply


  22. HAITHIX1
    | Reply

    this is better than failblog

    | Reply

    @FailChanne7 mine had more thumbs up 🙁

  24. Stubot2
    | Reply

    I love how the dog takes a dump in the shape of a question mark. That’s probably what he was thinking at the time.

  25. nsdtr01
    | Reply

    an honest opinion of the player’s music ability

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