Pit Bull Terrier Socialization Training: Train Your Dog

Pit Bull Terrier Socialization Training: Train Your Dog

By Tim Amherst

Every Pit Bull owner should become familiar on how to socialize their dog. Socialization is necessary so that the dog can learn to get along with other animals and people. Pit Bulls have a naturally aggressive nature, and they need this training to help them learn how to properly deal with that aggression around animals and people. It is important that you introduce your Pit Bull puppy to as many people and animals as possible. During socialization training, it is important to try to keep all of your puppy’s interactions as positive as possible. You don’t want to introduce your Pit Bull to a child or another animal that may unintentionally do something that may hurt him until he has been effectively trained.

It is also extremely important that Pit Bulls have constant interaction with people, as they tend to become more aggressive when they don’t get any attention and are left to their own devices. Keeping a Pit Bull in the backyard, or penned up all the time is definitely not good for the dog, and can lead to very aggressive behavior. You should make certain you have adequate time to spend with your Pit Bull before acquiring it.

Many Pit Bull puppies will get along well with other dogs while they are young, then build up aggression as they get older. Starting socialization training and keeping it up as long as you have your dog will help to prevent this. Different dogs have different personalities, and it is up to their owners to ensure they get whatever training and attention they need to make them safe around other people and animals.

Your dog should learn to look to you for its every need, even protection from other animals. It is important that when there are other dogs or animals around, that you keep a close eye out for any spats or fights that may occur and remove your dog from that situation as promptly as possible. Your dog should know that you will keep them from anything that may harm them. He should not be left on his own with another animal to “solve” any issues they may have with each other. This teaches your dog that he has to solve his problems on his own, which will lead him to be more aggressive. Your dog should be comfortable enough with you to be around other dogs not to panic.

Basically, Pit Bulls do not make themselves aggressive. It is up to their owners to ensure that they are properly cared for, trained and loved. Proper care will help the dog to overcome any aggression issues he may have.

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