Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training Tips

Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training Tips

By Tim Amherst

It is the responsibility of every dog owner to do everything they can to make sure their dog is well behaved. This is doubly true of Pit Bull owners, due to the often negative rep that Pit Bulls have. Any action they take is not the fault of the dog, but usually of the owner. It is important that you are devoted and loving to your Pit Bull, and that you do everything you can to ensure he is a well behaved pet.

If you get your Pit Bull when he is a puppy, you should begin training him when he is around eight weeks old. Pit Bulls are highly intelligent, and learn easier and faster when they are younger. He hasn’t really had a lot of time to develop bad habits, which is also in your favor, as you will have an easier time teaching him new things, than teaching him to forget bad habits.

Try to train your dog using a positive approach, and try not to punish him. Sometimes punishing your Pit Bull for bad behavior will only make his behavior worse. Give him lots of attention and praise when he behaves well or does well in his training. Try to make training time enjoyable for you both, and remember to be patient with him. Pit Bulls learn faster than some other dogs, but it may still take time to accomplish his training goals. If you try to have and maintain realistic expectations, training will go better. Pit Bulls crave love and attention, so training that focuses on those two elements often works the best.

While training your Pit Bull or giving him a command, try to do so in your normal voice. Yelling, although unintentional on your part, may give your Pit Bull the wrong impression, therefore putting a negative touch on your training session or that command. Even if your Pit Bull tends to ignore you, don’t yell to try to make him pay attention, chances are this will only make things worse. Your Pit Bull will quickly associate anything he considers negative with training, and that often leads to poor results.

Keep in mind that if your Pit Bull tends to misbehave and doesn’t listen to you at home, that he will probably behave ten times worse in public. He will really test your patience around other people or animals, because he will most likely pay even less attention to your commands, or ignore them altogether. There are many things that can distract him away from home, so it is best to avoid any trips with your Pit Bull until he learns to follow your commands.

Training your Pit Bull may not be an easy task, but it is necessary. Pit Bulls, much like children, have to be taught acceptable behavior, and it is up to you to either teach him, or pay a trainer to teach him for you. Training your Pit Bull yourself will often help strengthen the bond you have with him, so I recommend trying to train him yourself before seeking professional help.

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