Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training: How to Stop Barking

Pit Bull Terrier Dog Training: How to Stop Barking

By Tim Amherst

There are many reasons your Pit Bull may bark at night. But whatever the reason, any owner who has to deal with this just wants to find a way to stop it from happening. They probably are awakened not only by their barking Pit Bull, but by their complaining neighbors as well. The owner, in the midst of all this, just wants to go back to bed and get some sleep. There have been many tried and true solutions to this problem, and no one solution may work for every Pit Bull.

One thing that has been known to contribute to excessive barking at night is a lack of exercise. Your Pit Bull has a high energy level, and needs to exercise everyday to release pent up energy. Without adequate exercise, he has no release for the pent up energy, and thus tries to relieve it by barking. Getting ten or fifteen minutes of extra exercise a day can considerably help with the barking problem.

Another thing that could lead your Pit Bull to bark is lack of attention during the day. Pit Bulls have a high need for their owners love and attention, and if you are away at work all day and busy at night, then he probably isn’t getting the attention he needs. Setting aside a few minutes each day just for your Pit Bull may help curb the barking at night. Another thing that may also help is moving his bed into your room, so that he feels close to you.

If you think that boredom is the contributing factor, try to provide your Pit Bull with a variety of toys, so that he can amuse himself. By combining exercise, attention from you, and a good toy selection, you may be able to lessen if not stop his barking altogether.

Ensuring that all of your Pit Bull’s needs are met should stop the barking problem, unless it is a behavioral problem. Giving him lots of love and attention, plenty of exercise, and toys to amuse himself with will often solve a lot of common problems. If you have a hectic lifestyle, you should devote some time each day to just being with and playing with your Pit Bull. If at anytime you are unable to provide your Pit Bull with the attention he needs, you should find a way to fit him into your schedule or give him to someone who can.

Ultimately, it is up to you to train your Pit Bull appropriate behavior. To curb your Pit Bull’s barking, you first have to figure out what is causing him to bark, then figure out how to stop him from doing it.

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