Pets Learn How To Play Piano, Xylophone

Heads up from: Piano And Synth Blog – News – Pets Learn How To Play Piano, Xylophone
Dogs, Cats, Chickens Accepted

WITTLICH, Germany — Has your dog mastered simple commands like “sit” and “stay?” Maybe it’s time for Spot to take up the piano.

At a new animal academy that has opened in Germany, a pet can learn a wide range of instruments, including the piano and the xylophone.

The founder of the school said the academy’s goal is to show people how to communicate with animals.

The school is not limited to household pets. Even the family chicken can go through the program and learn an instrument.

The program has several students, but teachers said there’s always room for more.

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Click on the above link for the article and see the picture gallery or click on the following link for..

The Video: Watch a Dog and Cat Play the Piano!

(I think that’s an “interpretation” video)

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    I really enjoyed this and hope to see more soon.

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