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A Website For All Earthlings well, that’s what this tagline says. So today I have finally added a translation plugin, from Simple Thoughts called the “Translator” Plugin ..

If you prefer to read this blog in another language, click on the flag of your choice in the top left of our sidebar – it’s above our RSS Feed and Blogline subscribing graphics.

Any page in this blog will translate instantly once you click on the flag. To return back to my default native “Canadian” English, click on the American flag at the far right.

Available Languages are now as follows:

* Canadian English (Default, as written!)
* Spanish
* French
* German
* Portuguese
* Italian
* Japanese
* Korean
* Chinese

If you notice anything weird happening during the translation, please leave a comment and let me know … However, I have been using 3 plugins in total around my sites, from “Simple Thoughts” .. and don’t expect any problems.

Go Ahead! Try it!

Take care.

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  1. HART
    | Reply


    As I mentioned in the blog text, only the current page that you are one will be translated. If you are printing this or any article, unfortunately, it remains in its original source language (English).

    However .. GOOD NEWS!

    If you are reading this comment and wish to contribute articles in your native tongue, please refer to the above menu link .. WANTED .. Now the whole world can enjoy your articles, in their own native tongue!

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