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The – [Community Forum] membership has been getting a little out of hand .. so, I have finally gotten around to downloading a “Toolkit” to maintain the membership usernames.

As such .. today I have BANNED approximately 90% of usernames in the Forum.

Names that I have BANNED this morning would probably fall under such criteria that I have created for myself:

* .ru email and domain
* jibberish username
* jibberish email address to @hotmail @gmail @yahoo etc
* username or email address has swear words in it
* multiple usernames to promote multiple websites
* websites that links to a site with a name having a keyword related to sex or pills
* websites that links to BLOGGER sites that have been deleted (probably due to splogging)

If I have banned your username IN ERROR ..please contact me at … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com to UNBAN you.

If you do not contact me by August 31, 2006 .. on September 1, 2006 I will be deleting all those usernames in the FORUM that have been banned and purging them from our system. Also, your last registered IP Address will be added to the ban list as well.

Hopefully, that will “clean” up the Forum .. literally.

Sorry about that guys! If that has been deterring you from using our PetLvr Community Forums … now you have no more excuses 😀

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