Pet Travel- Know More Safest & Different Ways

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When you decide to travel and intend taking your pet along, to the initial step is to find out the most comfortable and safest mode of transport so that your pet is in no way terrified and scared. Most pets prefer staying back but there are times when you are compelled to take your pets along. There are different modes of transport which can be comfortable while travelling with your pet.

Travelling with pets by Car

pet travel melbourne
pet travel melbourne

If it is a dog, then you need to make sure that your dog is in a crate while travelling in a car. This crate needs to be anchored using a seat belt or any other secure means to the car. Seat belts and dog restraints can prevent your dog from roaming in the car and being a distraction to the driver. If it is a cat, then you need to put them in carriers as they tend to feel uncomfortable in a car. Make sure to restrain these carriers so that in no way the cat is hurt during travel. Another important factor is to make sure that your pet is on the back seat of the vehicle and is not allowed to poke their face out of the window. Must take care of your precious pets while relocating to other place.

Take rest stops

While travelling in a car with your pet you need to ensure that you take enough stops so that your pet can exercise. Make sure your pet has an ID tag, leash and also a collar. Make sure you have a friend or a family member travelling with you, so that one can take turns in driving and looking after the pet. Make sure you do not leave your pet alone in the car.

pet travel
pet travel

Air Travel with Pets

Air Travel seems to be the fastest mode of transport but does not work well with pets. Unless absolutely essential, it is advisable not to choose this mode of pet travel. There are chances of them being vulnerable to deprivation of oxygen and get heat stroke. The first important step that needs to be taken when you have made up your mind to take your pet by air is to find out from the airline if he/she can accompany you in the cabin. There are many airlines that do give permission for this, so you need to ensure that you are able to contact them much in advance. You also need to ensure that your pet meets the size requirements of the airline.

Specification of the Airline

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pet relocation melbourne

Before you plan on taking your pet air you will need to find out the requirements of the airline, like the size of the carrier or kennel for your pet, what vaccinations and immunizations are required and you also need to check whether your pet cannot travel in the cabin, what are the arrangements for the cargo hold, and so on. This will ensure that you are well prepared with all the requirements. It is advisable to make a thorough study of the performance of the chosen airline where pets travel in the cargo holds as there are a number of mishaps on a regular basis.

Train Travel with your Pet’s Carriers

There are few trains that allow pet travel and it becomes the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that the pet is well and is given the exercise required when the train stops at stations.

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pet carriers melbourne

Ship Travel with Pets

There are only a selected few cruise ships which allow pets and normally only for ocean crossings. There are few which allow the pets to travel in private cabins; otherwise pets need to be confined in kennels. You need to find out the policies and regulations of the cruise before you plan for pet travel on ship. In case you use the pet kennel facilities, make sure to check on your pet on a regular basis. So, find the best pet travel facility provider, who gives you Grade A services to your beloved pet. You must know what your pet exactly needs.

By: Mary Mathis

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