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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Watch as an animal care specialist discusses pet rat health care in this free online video about exotic pets. Expert: Laura Fitzgerald Bio: Laura Fitzgerald has been an animal lover her entire life. Having her first pet rat at the age of 5 (after rescuing it from the snake food chain). Filmmaker: Kenneth Jackson

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. naruto68
    | Reply

    Cleaning a cge too often will make rats stress out, and can make them sick.
    Males will also secrete a stinkier marking scent MORE OFTEN when you clean it too much.
    Once every six-seven days will keep a cage clean and happy.

    All your videos make me sick.
    I wouldn’t trust you with any of my pets, when you can’t even take care of yours properly.

  2. fdskaput0
    | Reply

    i think that this advice is very helpful and if you know soooo much about rats and how to care for them why dont u make videos??? we’ll see if u are any better than her!!!!!!

  3. mrtayshaun22
    | Reply

    ur videos are very helpful

  4. WinterHaven
    | Reply

    Rats truly are very very very very sweet animals.

  5. cottonbath
    | Reply

    @Breah151 looooooool haha

  6. TheYoghurt42
    | Reply

    This is a terrible video. If you use the right kind of bedding (aspen or recycled paper) it won’t irritate your rats skin or eyes. Wire cages are fine – They don’t hurt your rats’ feet. Also this video did not mention the important things to look out for – Tumours around your rats armpits or groin are very common especially in females. And respiratory infections are very common in rats so listening to your rats’ breathing is the best way to detect those.

  7. toghax09
    | Reply

    I could not take my eyes off your boobs.

  8. mermaidamp
    | Reply

    Why aren’t toothbrushes good for rats?

  9. Rexelrat
    | Reply

    ‘rats generally do not get sick’ Uhm… Rats often get sick, most often they get tumors. I’ve never heard about brushing rats teeth, they should be orange or the rat is not healthy. Brushing is not needed. They clean their tails themselves. Resperatory problems are also common.

  10. MusicElskerLove
    | Reply

    okay I dont get the critize of this vid. “You dont know what you’re talking about”? what? It sounds like she pretty much knows what shes talking about. Or am I wrong here?

  11. RatRippinReptileRage
    | Reply

    nothin sexier than a woman who lets rats crawl all over her

  12. sphinxofthenewage
    | Reply

    hey rat face they suit u.

  13. xTrickOfTheLight
    | Reply

    Don’t let people put you down 🙁
    Ur Videos are very helpful.
    and i will use ur Good addice..
    im getting 2 rats this week i will be making videos of them so check them out when ever 🙂 thank you ^,^

  14. strangeling354
    | Reply

    “rats do not tend to get sick.”

    …*goes on to explain the long list of ways rats can get sick* lol

  15. sugarplum9085
    | Reply

    You obviously don’t know much about rats.
    You shouldn’t go making videos with rats you have only kept for a week. Having a week of rat experience does not warrant you to make misleading rat videos, especially following this woman’s advice.

  16. sugarplum9085
    | Reply

    Brushing rats teeth?? I was many years ago a fancy rat breeder and I never once had to brush their teeth. If they have a proper diet of foods to help keep their teeth worn down they should never have to have dental care. Rats don’t have human teeth that get coated in plaque. This woman should not be telling others how to care for rats. If you look at her other videos they are even worse!

  17. AnimalrGreat
    | Reply

    Um I dont mean to put u down here, but most rats are born with respiratory problems. But most rats can live happily while still having a lung disease…. untill they get old and are unable to fight it off anymore. true. 🙁

  18. pronster1
    | Reply

    WOW. What a lovly pair they make. I take my hat off to you sweetheart

  19. TheRatCity
    | Reply

    I burst out laughing when her rat, Blondie jumped off of her.

  20. HBlossom07
    | Reply

    I think she’s making a lot up as she goes along. Rats get tumors. 70% of unspayed females will get cancer tumors. Two of mine did. You have to find a vet who will treat “exotic” pets or pocket pets. Many vets don’t even spay or neuter rats, don’t know how. It costs more to spay a rat than a cat or dog. They don’t get vaccines, though. They can get respiratory disease pretty easily. If you visit a pet store, if you come home within 4 hours, you can spread respiratory disease to your rat at home.

  21. 333Florence333
    | Reply

    It’s annoying that people who criticize rats, can’t say too much about them because they never had one. But they hate them anyway. I just bought a rat, I had one before, but it was over 4 years ago. Your videos helped me alot – I forgot what it’s like to have a rat that don’t know you yet, and you can’t just take it out of it’s cage whenever you want. She’s a little different than the one I had before, so I was afraid that she may be sick, but it’s bust her personality. 😉 Thank you for your vid

  22. DannySmith300
    | Reply

    that sounds like alot of work. is this reccomended?

  23. Ratsriot4love
    | Reply

    Stop clickinh your teeth! Ta its pisses me off!!

  24. JustMeHONESTLY
    | Reply

    This lady doesnt know half of what shes talking about so be careful what advice you take from her, I personnaly reccomend you to PM AvaAdore smashing for advice she’s excellent!

  25. woofle92
    | Reply

    omg my snake would kill that

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