Pet Rabbit Care : Spaying & Neutering Pet Rabbits

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains why and how to spay or neuter a pet rabbit in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. sicanime101
    | Reply

    How can we tell if their female or male?

  2. nicolevins
    | Reply

    Just ask your petsop/vet.
    You can also do it yourself… look it up on google

  3. bunnysrule1990
    | Reply

    sounds like its had a stroke rabbit should visit the vets regularly if your parents are not prepared to do this then they are irasponcible and shold not have bought you rabbit as they are copmplex long lived animls, rabbits need regular injections to stop them from getting ill myxo ect your rabbit needs to see a vet asap

  4. langelslshadowl
    | Reply

    @mlbarrett07 your rabbit has most likely entered adolesence, which rabbits tend to become more vicious and destructive during this age. this is the age that most rabbits are given away, i do not recommend this. neutering his should fix the problem. make sure to play with him for around 2 hours every day because rabits can die of loneliness, and can become more agressive if they aren’t played with or get scared often. i hope this helps.

  5. langelslshadowl
    | Reply

    @sicanime101 apply slight pressure around the genitals. something will pop up which most people assume to be the penis. however, if there is a slit running through it, it is female. if there is a round hole, it is male. you can also tell if it’s male if you can see the testicles. however, males can retract them so if you don’t see them then don’t assume it’s female, check the genitals.

  6. langelslshadowl
    | Reply

    is it ok to get them spayed/neutered at around 2-3 years? we bought mine older and it hasn’t been fixed yet but i would like to get it fixed…

  7. ccg1171
    | Reply

    Im getting mine fixed Monday..He sprays & its the worst smell ever..
    I hope it stops that smell!!!!!!!

  8. sicanime101
    | Reply

    Okay, Thank you madam 🙂

  9. langelslshadowl
    | Reply

    @sicanime101 You’re welcome 😉

  10. meatisdeliciouse
    | Reply

    My rabbit is so agrasive she just wants to bite me and won’t atack any human females. I just hade her spade yesterday and I hope it will calm her down. When I went to stroke her this morning she almost bit my arm off. I hope she is only like this temporary. I think my old rabbit died of uteris cancer, she never neaded to be spade. She was a beutiful dwarf lop and I loved her verry much.

  11. HelloKiana
    | Reply

    How much does it cost?

  12. sojugerl
    | Reply

    what does it mean, a rabbit must be spayed/neutred?

  13. LittleMissCherryBaby
    | Reply

    @sojugerl I don’t know, I’m not so good at english, but I thing, that she means that if you Spay & Neuter they can’t make babiesanymore

  14. mewmewlunar
    | Reply

    @sojugerl Basicly what LittleMissCherryBaby said. I think it’s a sugery on the animal to remove it’s reproductive organs so they can’t mate anymore. The reason why an animal goes into behavior change is because of maturity and thus spraying/neutering them will prevent these changes as well as making them unable to breed.

  15. booluvscharlie
    | Reply

    my rabbit got neuterd O.O

    he liked me 2 much XD

  16. sojugerl
    | Reply

    @mewmewlunar thanks! i have a female rabbit and i think she needs to be spayed, because she seems aggressive, she bites my other rabbit (which is also a female) and she also wont get near me. shes about 1 year old now. do i need to take her to the vet so she can be spayed? thanks for the reply

  17. sojugerl
    | Reply

    @LittleMissCherryBaby thanks! what if she really haven’t mate with a male rabbit, is it okay that i spay/neuter her? she has an aggressive behavior, and shes about 1 year old now. thanks for the reply

  18. mewmewlunar
    | Reply

    @sojugerl I’m not an expert in rabbit care so don’t take everything I say as proffesional advice. From the behavior change she seems to matured sexually which is most likely the cause of the behavior change. I would think she may need to be sprayed but go to vet as well to confirm if she needs to be sprayed or not. I hope this helps.

  19. SynestheticSoul
    | Reply

    @booluvscharlie A little too much, eh? Hehe.

  20. love4musicable
    | Reply

    Sarah is a great host person. Her information is very accurate.

  21. sojugerl
    | Reply

    @mewmewlunar oh ok thanks! ill just take her to the vet. thanks again 🙂

  22. mermaidamp
    | Reply

    Maude was neutered and did A-OK. Maude is a boy rabbit. My friend thought that he was a girl.

  23. mayakanthineela
    | Reply

    Need to marry you ****

  24. 789Moonsinner
    | Reply

    Omg… sooo If Ex: Every time I try to take my bunny out if her cage… she attacks me!! O.O Oh noes….

  25. kelly11rocks
    | Reply

    whats spayed and neutering ?? :/

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