Pet Rabbit Care : Signs Your Pet Rabbit is Sick

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains signs your pet rabbit is sick in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. LicyRicee
    | Reply

    I’ve watched so much bunny videos
    and now im watching a rabbit video…SO creepy!
    because their eyes are HUGE!

  2. PandaChan80
    | Reply

    @patricksky24 your rabbit scares me. Because they are fighting for food. If you have mutiple then try to get different cages as they will fight for the food and comfiness. That what i think

  3. minnimouse1998
    | Reply

    my 2 month almmost 3 month old bunnys poop issoft an cming out all together? should i worry? someone help

  4. kenshinlucy
    | Reply

    what breed is that rabbit???

  5. MsJamz25
    | Reply

    my pet bunnyta(rabbit)
    has a scar on her eye and sometimes she sneeze…what will i do?should i worry?

  6. 007ibz
    | Reply

    I just found a rabbit in my back yard

  7. ClythiaMystica
    | Reply

    @ClickySays they do? then i dont want a rabbit…

  8. kyledominiquenavarro
    | Reply

    my rabbit is very sick 🙁 her head Is not like other rabbits :((

  9. emoliciouspufferfish
    | Reply

    @ClickySays thats not true, they breathe fast only if they’re scared or nervous. if they are calm or resting, they can breathe at a very slow rate.

  10. Lawl25Cb
    | Reply

    what is the rabbit eating?

  11. Jaydeygirljayda
    | Reply

    is it ok if they have sleep in their eyes?? like how people cats and dogs get??

  12. Fiejoow
    | Reply

    @kyledominiquenavarro then you should see a vet. your other rabbits could easily get sick as well, so you have to make sure you get medication for all of them!

  13. minipaws101
    | Reply

    coool i have the same type of bunnehh

  14. jenny1165
    | Reply

    @kenshinlucy my best guess is a dwarf hotot if its a purebred.

  15. booluvscharlie
    | Reply

    my rabbit iz soooo greedy XP

  16. MrShiDragon
    | Reply

    Also, rabbits can not throw up. Make sure that your rabbits do not accidentally eat unhealthy things. xP Cats and Dogs can cough up or throw up, but rabbits don’t have very strong belly muscles.

  17. 1on1business
    | Reply

    Anyone try Hawaiian Health Ohana’s pet care products?

  18. audrey35700
    | Reply

    Can you translate in French please? 🙂

  19. bigtimerushlover911
    | Reply

    im eather getting a hamster or rabbet

  20. kyledominiquenavarro
    | Reply

    But IT was Too late She died Already And thanks for the video

  21. candyalien86
    | Reply

    Could u help me My rabbit eats but he doesnt move like he use to he stays all day in one place I have to take his food to him and at times he flips on his back and he has some crust on one of his eyes please help me!!

  22. NLbunneh
    | Reply

    My bunny recenty got myxomatosis , we had to put him down.
    hardest thing i had to do :'(

  23. FGS1910
    | Reply

    Why the fuck does youtube have fucking advertisments!!!! Thats it why I come here in the first place

  24. FGS1910
    | Reply

    whats wrong with his freaking leg????

  25. LADYR64
    | Reply

    my rabbit has dark green soft stool what is it I feed him pellets and timothy what is wrong with her

  26. Cobbie Hurst
    | Reply

    Awesome article. This reminded me of the time I owned 3 rabbits and thankfully none of them died from sickness.

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