Pet Rabbit Care : Picking Up Your Pet Rabbit

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to pick up a pet rabbit in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. ipodgirl95
    | Reply

    @AsylumDevil I’m sorry but the first half of what you just said is fuckingg hilarious 🙂 I’m using that it’s a really good comeback hahah

  2. starkness65
    | Reply

    Oh god it’s too cute!

  3. kira16overpi
    | Reply

    Hey! That rabbit is so cute! My rabbit behaves like I am going to rape her when I tried to pick her up like this gently and she scratched my arm till it bled. =.=

  4. abisz39
    | Reply

    The rabbit’s eyes. so cute :3

  5. taolapro321phe
    | Reply

    @kira16overpi get a male rabbit xD

  6. JulieN229
    | Reply

    what kind of a rabbit is that. that sort of loos like a hotot since the black lining around it’s eyes. but to be honest. idk. from a far distance, hotot rabbits freak me out because it looks like the whole black area is one big eye. but this doesnt look so bad

  7. itGurl99
    | Reply

    AAAH!!! My pet bunny is about 15-20 weeks old and i cant pick him u 2 of mi friends did its jusyt i get scared when he kicks when i lift him off the ground [like 2 inches off the ground] its so UNFAIR!!!!!! Meh.

  8. MsSpartan57
    | Reply

    my rabbit is very docile she was but she passed away i need to show this to
    my sister’s friend who is a mom and sadly she let her baby drag it around by it’s ears and it died of trauma because he dragged it and banged it around> 🙁

  9. AnimalCookies105
    | Reply

    Her facts are right, but that is not the right way to carry your rabbit. You have to supports their front and right legs, and then lift their belly up. Then, carry rabbit like you are hugging it. That will make them feel secure, and they will not kick and scratch.

  10. 83Adelaide
    | Reply

    My flemish giant has never liked being picked up, but he is happy to jump up on the sofa & sit on my lap for hours of pats – just go with whatever your rabbit is comfortable with.

  11. hatfatbear
    | Reply

    @itGurl99 try distracting him with a treat or something in your other hand, thats what i do, and then they learn its not a bad thing to be picked up.

  12. purplepunkdancer
    | Reply

    @AnimalCookies105 Your right about the front legs, but rabbits have little bone structure near their stomachs. Holding them around their bellies can hurt and potentially be harmful. Thats why she said to hold their back legs.

  13. fireblaster0020
    | Reply

    It’s a Hotot, right?

  14. SillyIrishPenguin
    | Reply

    Unless you grow up and start to trust your pet, it’s never going to trust you. How can it relax around you if it senses that you’re not relaxed?
    What’s the worst that can happen? you’ll get scratched?

  15. deadman123x
    | Reply

    my rabbit dont like this wats wrong with you

  16. Thebunnyloverz
    | Reply

    what do you mean rabbits dont like being piked up? shut up rabbits love being held. beleive me i know

  17. cadiancamo
    | Reply

    thanks that was help ful infurmatoin

  18. zambe1294
    | Reply

    @twilltwill1 You . Need . HELP !

  19. zambe1294
    | Reply

    @JesusChristRulesYOU bwhahahaha xD oh I love when people get all Christian on other people XD

  20. zambe1294
    | Reply

    @anboyer901 What did he say ?? I can’t find the comment o.o

  21. halorunescaper
    | Reply


  22. happygentleheart
    | Reply

    so cute ^-^

  23. TheHorseCrazin
    | Reply

    if they start kiking and scraching squeez theire ears a little it works formost rabbits

  24. IAmAwesome2209
    | Reply

    that’s how my friend picks up her puppy

  25. MsDelaHashim
    | Reply

    I pick up my rabbit while holding her front leg or she’ll scratched and bit me

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