Pet Rabbit Care : General Tips About Pet Rabbit Care

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician and get an overview of important topics regarding pet rabbit care, including pet rabbit diet, housing, and health care, in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. Kyles45Angel
    | Reply

    Whats the life span of a rabbit?

  2. L4m0sGinix
    | Reply

    5-15 years, depending on breed.

  3. feelingfluffy
    | Reply

    Do they get along with cats or will cats try to eat them? lol

  4. melodypathak
    | Reply

    thank you! and btw, that rabbit has cute eyes!! 😀

  5. Sadie228
    | Reply

    @Kyles45Angel Usually 5- 10 years but a lot will live around 10. Personally I think 5 years is too young though. I’ve also heard of some living to 15.

  6. coolzit25
    | Reply

    how can you tell is a boy or girl

  7. H4p
    | Reply

    @FallenLeafProduction Much like you just strech your legs(on your bed after a long hunched sleep), he likes it. Had 2 rabbits, know what i am talking about.

  8. horseygirl129
    | Reply

    what breed is halibu?t hes really cute!

    | Reply

    I never even listened to what that person said, too busy staring at that adorable rabbit… BTW what’s wrong with halibut’s foot?

  10. Josewazheretoday
    | Reply

    you can also find a vet at

  11. sojugerl
    | Reply

    do i really have to keep more than one rabbit? earlier this year i have 2 rabbits but now i only have 1 because the other one died. i think because my bigger rabbit suffocated the smaller one. i once saw her lying above the smaller rabbit

  12. sojugerl
    | Reply

    is it okay if i keep my rabbit’s cage outside? because whenever i put her inside the house, i think she’s not comfortable. and she seems to like her cage outside.

  13. optimus4716
    | Reply

    oh those who is asking why the foot is sticking out it is just normal for rabbits because that`s how they relax:)
    just like my rabbit:)

  14. missy333ism
    | Reply

    Wow that rabbit is really tame

  15. iluvsonicxshadow
    | Reply

    why is a rabbit considered exotic? i mean im not saying theyre completely domesticated,but,i dont see them as exotic,i see hares as exotic,but,rabbits…not so much :/

  16. AdemiaDavenport
    | Reply

    @FallenLeafProduction Okay- don’t any of you people listen? She works at an ANIMAL HOSPITAL. The rabbit probably is one of the patients there.

  17. PoloPancake
    | Reply

    0:30 vid begins

  18. holyshit74
    | Reply

    is mineral stone good for rabbits?=)

  19. NatashaPEACE
    | Reply

    @FallenLeafProduction ..She works at a vet…The little bunny is probaly a recovering patient!!

  20. bir90
    | Reply

    @missy333ism are all rabbits all tame?

  21. rynclint26
    | Reply

    hi teeny, i just want to ask regarding my bunnies. i just worried about my 3 months old bunny coz he have a flakes in his eye lids. is it a mites or skin problem? what should i do? can this flakes affects my other 2 bunnies, which is one is 2 months and the other is 1month old? thank you

  22. confessions92
    | Reply

    @rynclint26 maybe u should take advice from ur vetenerian doctor

  23. StarBeauty123
    | Reply

    they dont have to be kept indoors!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. jkapast
    | Reply


  25. jetstreek
    | Reply

    whats up with the lil mans leg

  26. Julie
    | Reply

    The rabbit looks catatonic but he’s/she’s cute though. 😀

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