Pet-Pet Blog' "Pet Site of the Month" selects its First Pet Site of the Month: Cute Overload!

I was thinking that we could really help out the pet-owning web community, by highlighting a brilliant and useful pet related site, every month. You will get smarter, your pets will be healthier, and every one will live peacefully.

But instead …

I decided it was best, for January, to reduce you all to wittle piles of cooing, squeeing, drooling, melting fluff peepers who will waste hours on end browsing Cute Overload! , the blog for cute animal pictures.

Good Pick! I spent over an hour at this site this morning ooow’ing and aaaaaaw’ing .. 🙂

You can also see some other cool and cutesy pictures in our – [the Blog Gallery], or at and see pictures of Maxxie and Sophie plus our cat Zeussie Pussy Cat, Cousin Alfie, Cousin Sammi, Uncle Peppi … etc etc etc

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  1. LaLa MaMa
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    Thanks for the nod!

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