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01.10.07: I swear I´m not a crazy cat ladyIt’s that dreaded day of the week when you sit down to balance your checkbook and you cross your fingers in hopes that there will be enough money to feed you and your pet. In these financially unstable times, non-profit organizations and even employers are trying to provide support to needy pets. So who is offering these pet perks and how can your pet qualify?

Dr. Joan Bachorik started a non-profit project called 2009 Harvest for Animals. The project has fed dogs and cats as well as turtles, parrots, fish, rabbits and even a mule. Pet owners must fill out an application to be considered into the program. If approved, food can be picked up at Dr. Bachorik’s office at 37 Dietz Street, Oneonta, New York.

Some non-profit organizations include Pikes Peak Pet Pantry in Colorado Springs, Colorado and a Meals on Wheels Program in Yakima, Washington. The Colorado pet pantry has given 15,418 pounds of food to needy pets since the beginning of 2009. The application for the pet pantry can be filled out online or mailed to you, and the application guidelines are listed online too. The Meals on Wheels program in Washington is only available to seniors 60 and older who are a part of the county’s meal service. For more information about this service, call 509.574.4008.

If the above pet food services are not in your area, contact local pet shelters to see if they offer any similar programs.

When pet medical care is your issue, try to apply for jobs that offer pet insurance, because more companies are adding this into their benefits package. For example, employees at Chipotle, Spectrum Federal Credit Union and Advent Software have the option of pet insurance.

These pet perks are here to lend you a helping paw, but when your future becomes brighter, don’t forget to return the favor by donating pet food to these organizations to help other pet owners in need.

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  1. Marina Hanes
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    Don’t have money left for pet food, you might qualify for free food:

  2. MarinaHanes
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    Don’t have money left for pet food, you might qualify for free food:

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    (new PetLvr post ).. Pet Perks: It’s that dreaded day of the week when you sit down to..

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