Pet Olympics

When you think about it, pet sports are similar to the sports held at the Olympics. For instance, flyball for dogs is like hurdling for the Olympians and freestyle for dogs can be likened to gymnastics. If Olympians can do it, so can their pets. So who are the pets behind the Olympians?

Petside has interviewed various Olympians and compiled profiles of their furry friends who act as road companions, trainers and playmates.

Olympic gymnast Justin Spring adopted his Terrier and Black Lab mix named Oscar from the Humane Society. Interestingly enough, Justin and Oscar went through knee surgery together. Lauryn Williams, track and field athlete, purchased her Great Dane appropriately named Atheena after she completed the Olympic Games in Greece.

When it comes to training for the Olympics or training their pets, consistency is the key. Misty May-Treanor, beach volleyball superstar, has two Boxers named Boogie and Grunden, but the dogs have lost some of their training since Misty has to travel so much. Agility gear like tunnels, bar jumps and weave posts can help get your dog prepared for agility shows. Plus it keeps their minds at work and their bodies in shape.

Or enroll your dog in a fun sport like dock diving, which has become a more popular sport for dog lovers. It’s similar to the long jump, because the dogs start on a dock and run full speed and jump as far and as high as they can into a swimming pool. Owners throw a toy into the pool to entice the dogs. When the dog jumps, measurements on the side of the pool determine their distance. For fairness, judges measure where the end of the dog’s tail lands.

When watching the 2008 Olympic Games this weekend, think about the pets behind the Olympians that are cheering them on. Whether the pets are on the road or back at home, they support their Olympians 100 percent, and love them even if they don’t receive a medal.

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4 Responses

  1. Southern Blue Pitbulls
    | Reply

    Our dogs love flyball and weight pulling. Each year when we enter into the weigh pull events, our dogs are excited and ready to participate in their events.

  2. MrPitBull
    | Reply

    Yes indeed, The only thing better than watching these amazing dogs is; watching the joy your own dog gets from competing.

  3. MrPitBull
    | Reply

    I forgot to add; a good reason to have the outdoor channel.

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