Pet Memorial Markers

By Max Bellamy

The often-heard complaint is that there are never enough of the right words to express the amount of sorrow felt upon the passing away of a dear one. They same holds true upon the passing of a pet. It is true that grief is an emotion that is sometimes felt so severely that the anguish cannot be translated into mere rhetoric. Yet, a little creative thought can work wonders when designing a memorial marker. This also applies to the overall design and the choice of materials. While markers shaped out of stone, wood, or earth are the most common choices, there are many who opt for alternate materials like aluminum alloy, copper, bronze, or mild steel. These can be fabricated into any desired shape.

When it comes to appropriate words, many prefer poetry as a means of expressing it right. Apart from the conventional markers, many opt for personalized items of memory such as jewelry or wristbands. A necklace with a locket that contains a photograph of the pet is much favored.

Where a marker is placed as a monument or headstone in the garden, it is often felt that this should be at the exact spot favored by the pet. For example, a dog that had been in the habit of digging for a bone at a particular spot should have the marker placed right there. Or a cat that often dozed under a ledge should have its marker at that very spot. Also, a marker placed under the shade of a tree provides for a soothing ambience because it leads one to think that the pet has but passed on to another world that is probably devoid of any pain or suffering. A flowering tree is always better because the falling petals and leaves can add a loving touch to the scene.

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