Pet Grooming with Diana – #1 Pomeranian

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Professional Groomer and owner of Paws & Claws Grooming Salon in North Hampton, NH, Diana shares some of her tips for grooming your pet Pomeranian for touch ups at home between visits to the groomer. Produced, directed, photographed and edited by Soso R. Whaley of Moaning Dog Productions.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Sylvia441
    | Reply

    thank you for this clip. I have 3 poms & this will be very helpfull when I do their nails/bath

  2. izzie128
    | Reply

    what type of nail clippers are you using?

  3. xDetectiveHx
    | Reply

    She has been grooming for more then 30 years. This is a pet grooming, not a show dog!

  4. xDetectiveHx
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great comments. It’s hard to see comments that are bad about my mother, she has been grooming and rescuing animals for more then 30 years!

  5. mishyprizes
    | Reply

    I rated this video 5 stars. She gave some good tips on at home maintenace. But I will leave the scent gland squeezing to the professionals 🙂

  6. Bridgetteciaj
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for doing this! I thought you did a great job! I don’t need to have a show dog. Just a sweet dog who’s clean which is why I’ve been looking for how to do this myself. 🙂 It was so nice to see someone do it so I have some confidence trying it. Imagine, I color my own hair too! 😉

  7. lozby11
    | Reply

    i dont think she is rough at all with handling the dog, i don’t see how the hygiene clip was ‘forceful’ i thought it was quick yet gentle. i don’t agree with how she cut the pants tho, cutting it across like that, even for a pet trim. i usually cut it down to reduce the volume and blend it in. i usually rake it too to reduce volume, its usually full of dead hair. but other than that it was a good video, especially for those who are unsure how to approach tidying a pom.

  8. heilong79
    | Reply

    The standard Pom is actually a dwarf version of the larger more proportioned German Spitz Klein(looks like what is in this video) look at your poms face, do you notice it is slightly longer than the smaller poms you see and the eyes are smaller and closer together? They are all purebred but because they are dwarfs just like in human dwarfs their offspring is sometimes not a dwarf(it skips a generation) So your Pom maybe a German Spitz Klein, which is cool, I have one and am very happy with him.

    | Reply

    I have 2 litters I FROM one mom and dad i thought the mther was having a hard time nursing 1st litter so we gave them a little bit of goat milk when they were first eating and they are much larger than next litter that we did not give as much as little pups. the larger ones are about 15 to 20 lbs

  10. miley9537839
    | Reply

    im just watching this because i wanna be a dog groomer when im older its helping me learn ty

  11. Foxillia
    | Reply

    wow, even a dog has to do a Brazillian wax.

  12. AnneLien1987
    | Reply

    Haha what a funny accent :p

  13. purpleheart279
    | Reply

    the dog is so cute 😀

  14. jaxn
    | Reply

    What is the brand and type of the electric razor you’re using in this video?

  15. mom2anna
    | Reply

    I learned when your Pomeranian puppy gets older they start to have puppy uglies and there fur starts become matted and it hurts them. If you cut the top rougher layer of a Pomeranian you have a 50-50 chance of there fur not growing back and they look very choppy if you do a bad job.

  16. uwao100
    | Reply

    @amyriggsby lol, your right. mabey its just a rough in?

  17. groomtvBR
    | Reply

    29/07/2010 groom tv br – Step by step cutting in German spitz made in the defeat of Brazil in 2009 by Jonathan Groom’s Skolimoski (Skolimoski Groom Team ®), the new talent category. Features standard and difference between exhibitions and competitions Groming.Jonathan Skolimoski ®

  18. IwontConform
    | Reply

    I hate trimming around the asshole.But its a little easier now with this video.

  19. mariyah27
    | Reply

    im going to start a dog grooming business soon and it wont cost much i need more supplies but im going to get soon i be passing out flyers to

  20. iDirtyDianaX
    | Reply

    Hi, Diana.
    My name is Diana, too!
    But, that’s not the point!
    I wanna ask you for a little advice.. how do you get the fur fluffed up real nice.. cuz my pom’s fur is a bit flat.. please answer i really need and want to know.

  21. crittoprrr
    | Reply

    Did you hypnotise that dog? My cat would never stand for this. 🙁

  22. 1989ProblemChild
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting this video! I haven’t been wanting to spend out the money to get my dog groomed so i have been grooming him myself. This video was really helpful. Thank you.

  23. jarahjanemusic
    | Reply

    Awesome! Thank you for this video 🙂 Very helpful!

  24. PrtyHkGrl
    | Reply

    those are relly good techniques but she left a mess on that poor dong.

  25. jassmin1233
    | Reply

    Where is your safety leash so that in case the dog jumps or slips it will not fall off the table and bathtub?? I do not use scissors on the paw pads, you can easily slice a dogs paw pad by using them! Only clippers. I like the way you squeeze the anals so that it ends up in the palm of your hand, thats a good one, folks don’t try that at home!!

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