Pet Education For The Holiday Season – Tips For New Owners

The holiday season is near, and many people will likely bring pets into their home. But it’s very important for owners to understand the commitment involved in selecting and raising a pet: adopting a puppy over the holiday season, or giving a pet as a gift, is not ideal and helps explain why many animals are, unfortunately, abandoned before the age of two. (And there are already 798,000 puppies and 890,000 kittens in Canada!).

While being the owner of a puppy or kitten is an amazing experience, you want to make sure you start them off right.

This video:

* Includes one-on-one interviews with award-winning trainer Kayl McCann as she talks about the importance of educating oneself before a pet is brought home
* Provides new and potential pet owners with detailed information on a wide range of free online resources
* Speaks to some of the most common challenges faced by new pet owners
* Features footage of cute puppies and kittens (and who doesn’t love that?!)

Websites mentioned in the above video: (or (or (or

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