Pet Birds : How to Teach a Pet Cockatiel to Talk

Teaching a pet cockatiel to talk is simple by repeating a phrase over and over, showing emotion when saying the desired phrase and rewarding the bird after i…

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  1. jennifer martinez says:

    Lol buttchead cx

  2. Facu Nahuel says:

    the man of the meme!! the Friki!!

  3. Harley Rector says:

    I have 3 birds.

  4. Paul Rimmer says:

    It not just males females can talk as well it just the way u train them and
    some people get told females can’t talk they just give up well don’t 

  5. Michelle Villar-Kelly says:

    is it a bad idea to give my cockatiel some orange juice?

  6. i am getting a cockatiel but its owner never held it how do i train it and
    train it not to bit please get a hold of me 

  7. Erwin Pineiro says:

    but head lol

  8. sophie johnston says:

    I can do ALL of that apart from getting the bird on your finger!!!

  9. Jake Sanderson- that’s a nice idea to entertain, but cockatiels here in the
    US are domesticated animals, and it is proven that they live literally
    twice as long, living as a companion in a home, rather than out in the

  10. christie silva says:

    My male cockatiel can say some words,its so funny,i did what this man
    said,the only thing is the treat,i think you cannot give cockatiels”papaya”
    millet is better and they love it

  11. were do u work at can u get me a cockatiel

  12. theBlueFireBlade0622 says:

    Only male cocktails can be taught to talk.

  13. My birds do not like fruits or veggies…love tortilla chips though.

  14. Animal Lover123 says:

    you can find cockatiels cheaper than $100, i just got two(different
    owners). i paid $60 for one and $25 for the other.

  15. toughgirl06 says:

    @pornofa You could probably just go slow with him because it can take a
    long time to acclimate to an environment. He probably views you as a
    predator if you come storming over and try to forcefully take him from his
    cage. Move some of his food or treats up to the top of the cage and open
    the door, if his wings are trimmed or clipped. Go slow. If you approach the
    cage, don’t rush over. Walk slowly. Stuff like that. There are a lot of
    videos you can also look up. Help books help too.

  16. @LYLTjohnny Oh c’mon… you saw that on 2 and a half men

  17. jasonquichimbo69 says:

    do cockatails cost alot ?

  18. Katie Kintner says:

    @krest4312 When he is out, time him between poops. Once you get the timing
    down,you can put him back in the cage when it’s “poop time”. Once he poops,
    he can come back out again until it’s time for the next poop. Eventually he
    may get the idea that he can only poop in his cage and he may start going
    in the cage to poop on his own. good luck.

  19. TheRealShimigar says:

    @fvshkatie i dont think thats healthy, lol

  20. Madi Mckay says:

    Actually there’s a lot of types of cocketeils

  21. Tiffani Flower says:

    I named mine draco malfoy

  22. DaMrLegoMan says:

    @josepasillas530 r u from tucson that sounds like where i got 2 of them
    from and had to leave 1

  23. From personal experience, you are right about everything you said. Great

  24. we are H U M 4 N says:

    if you love birds, keep them in your heart, not in your home. They’re
    supposed to fly in the open sky and be free… Why take that away from
    them? Hardly the biggest problem in the world…. But I’ve always hated
    this kind of ignorant behavior… having birds as pets represents something
    simple and profound of the sickness in this world.

  25. my Cockatiel no talking dont licke apple no orange licke nothing is bad my
    bird all day i say hello and bye bye and nothing …

  26. Hi can anybody help, im trying to find a word that my cockatiel likes so
    that i dont waste months of training him a word that he wont say. What are
    the basic signs that he will like the word, i said a word to him and he
    tilted his head but then every time after he didnt do anything. Is he
    supposed to keep showing signs of interest?

  27. @Ruthy Pople same here. I get one once i clean my room !

  28. Ruthy Pople says:

    I am getting a cockatiel so I am soooo excited

  29. i have that same bird and he wont come on my finger ive had him for 2 days
    and he reaaly fistey what should i do

  30. Kamel G-Unit says:


  31. 1:13 he being a butthead

  32. @trophyfisher13 cool im getting a black and yellow one also how big does
    the cage need to be

  33. Butthurt

  34. cherrypop674 says:

    Keep the good work up your so good with pets man!

  35. My cockatiel doesn’t seem to like treats that much… He loves his seeds,

  36. soo.. can this bird talk?

  37. Vanita Cunningham says:

    Is it ever to late to teach a cockatiel to talk??

  38. CheyenneEvans1 says:

    My cockatiel’s name is Victor and Victor is a baby. but he wont eat formula
    can you make a video showing me why he doesnt eat, or atleast tell me? lol

  39. Valeria Soto says:

    NO DA

  40. Peter Cichy says:

    @toughgirl06 hi.yes his wings are clipped but he don,t want to walk out of
    the cage no mather how long is it open or if someone else is in the room
    with him.i putted a camera in the front of the cage for 30 min.he did
    nothing.not a single move.i afraid because he did not eat so i removed him
    from the cage with a glove on my hand because he bites like crazy to show
    him that i am not hes enemy but nothing helps.he still bites and inside the
    cage he always runs on the other side away from you…

  41. I got my cockatiel saturday he is two years old he lets me touch him some,I
    pick him up he bites alittle bit but not hard he some times sits on my
    finger but the next day I try to hold him he tries to bite me but I pick
    him up I’m I doing the right thing?

  42. crazy, how many other videos have you found that do that?

  43. 261redwolf says:

    can a female normal gray cockatiel talk???

  44. CLTamerStunts says:

    @AhmedUsaFaid It doesn’t really matter how old for it to start learning,
    but if you teach it early, you will have more time to teach it more things.
    So that means the bird will repeat a lot of things.

  45. camera: im watching you bird…

  46. I got 5 cockatiels on craigslist for $40 all together.

  47. Ahmed Faid says:

    i liked plz how old the cockatiel should be to begin learning? i mean is it
    better the cockatiel be younger plz replay and thanks

  48. wolf345123 says:

    Parrotforlife58: it tends to be true that males talk and females don’t,
    this is because females are focused on lying eggs; the males seem to talk
    and chatter more because they’re more focused on finding a mate. They also
    use these talking skills to impress the females.

  49. Dan00bindahouse says:

    @lemurfan123 – Lol

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