Pet Birds : Cockatiel Training Tips

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

When training a cockatiel, let it get used to the house and to yourself by talking to it, singing to it and letting it know that it’s in a safe environment. Find out how to get a cockatiel to stand on a hand or arm with help from the president of a bird club in this free video on training cockatiels. Expert: Ces Erdman Contact: Bio: Ces Erdman is the president of the Wilmington NC Bird Club, a group dedicated to the education of its members and the community on the care of companion birds. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications

What do you think?

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  1. imtherealcolt
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  2. lemurfan123
    | Reply

    what is the macaw doing?

  3. 1973yahia
    | Reply

    thanx for the video

  4. Rocker16DarkAngle
    | Reply

    Thank you :]

  5. Heavyweponsguy2000
    | Reply

    Someone please help. I tryed to take my birds out and the came out then started flying. But after about 2 or so hours they didnt go back in. Then one bird hit the window. It seemed fine. But the other i dont know what happend but its Squaking weirdly like kind of like its hurt. PLEASE HELP

  6. fluffysarah22
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  7. subtleserveyor
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    Your shirt is icky.

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