Pet Auction

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

I sell your pets on craigslist in the most loving fashion possible. Twitter: Rwar Monsters: Facebook: Music: Eternal Hope by Kevin Macleod

What do you think?

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  1. sayanythingbr00ke says:

    @petrilude WIN

  2. 303username says:

    this is so sad.

  3. laurasvids333 says:

    i want all of them.

  4. Scoondabiv says:

    Genious. haha

  5. shirononeko says:

    i vote lonely dog

  6. Sfdavis1718 says:

    Lmao This is hilarious! People who give it a thumbs down r dumb it’s not real. Anndd I vote for Orange Cat that cat looks awesome!

  7. SearchForSolidGround says:

    I need to put my animals on Craigslist. They’re all shitheads

  8. kerosene07 says:

    It’s really too bad you’re gay

  9. imflyingpiggy27 says:

    ugly dog is so damn cute!

  10. farmyardflavours says:

    you are so cute!

  11. SloneSmith1 says:

    How can you be so horrible to these animals! the “ugly” dog is well cute<3

  12. wolfmaster454 says:

    i feel bad for those pets…

  13. JaimeLe50s says:

    I love animals-ALL OF THEM waaaay more than ppl I actually despise most ppl- I am looking to adopt a dog and he will e loved kissed hugged FOREVER-

  14. MeganSandra123 says:

    please can i look after the cat?

  15. dvinb12345 says:

    Were you sitting in the parking lot of a Whole Foods today?

  16. SomeTipsForLife says:

    @dvinb12345 Yes. You should have come sign up for Greenpeace :)

  17. oOpsychochickOo says:


  18. As clever as ever in your obnoxiously cute kind of way. But…. I’ve yet to receive my monster drawing. Two months now. Jeez. Can we work it out in trade? Hardy har har.

  19. :D

  20. littlesongbird1 says:

    Lol. I thought you really sell pets on craigs list. This is so funny.

  21. SweetenThekitty96 says:

    I love animals so much and I’m so glad you’re not serious. It was sad but you’re hilarious.

  22. TehColorfulCrayons says:

    This is sad D:…

  23. MismatchedMongrel says:

    Stupid waste of a video.

  24. MrAdamduckworth says:

    I’m an animal lover, but this was awesome.

  25. goofygirf2932887766 says:

    (ugly) cute dog , and margo

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