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Welcome to our very first e-Book available for download:

PetLvr Guide:
Pet Adoption and Rescue

This ebook was created to heighten awareness and highlight the animal shelter adoption option. We have reviewed all of our posts between May 2005 and January 2010 and have come up with a great list of articles published in our archives on pet adoption and rescue. This eBook is *FREE* for download to everybody who signs up to our email newsletter. Published in 2013.

Maxxie and Sophie approved!

Here is the Table of Contents – 59 pages

Why Adoption Matters
Five Reasons To Adopt A Pet
Ten Reasons To Adopt A Cat
Ten Reasons To Adopt A Dog
Top Five Reasons To Adopt a Pet This Holiday
Five Reasons to Adopt a Formerly Stray Cat
Three Reasons To Own Two Or More Cats
Economy Driving More Owners to Relinquish Pets
Help Shelter Pets Have Something for which to Give Thanks
Top Five Myths About Pet Adoption
Why You Should Never Buy a Pet at a Pet Store and Some Alternatives
Pet Care in a Down Economy: Why the Adoption Option’s the Most Frugal
Best Age to Adopt a Puppy
Adopting a Puppy vs an Adult Dog
Adopted an Obese Senior Dog… What Now?
Ten Questions to Ask When Adopting a Pet
When Adoption Fails
So You Want to be a Foster Home?
Getting Kids Involved in Volunteering to Help Shelter Pets
What To Do If You Find A Stray Dog
What to Do if You Find a Stray Cat
Ten Ways to Use One Hour Per Week to Help Homeless Pets
About PetLvr Blog For Pet Lovers
About: Author Marina Hanes
About: Author Jelena Woehr
About: Author Mia Carter

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Download: PetLvr Guide – Pet Adoption and Rescue

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