Perks of Pet Companionship Minus Ownership

Playing with flowersPets can fulfill so many different areas of your life. For example, they can be your best friend, motivated walking buddy and cuddle bug. However, just because a pet can make a wonderful addition to your life doesn’t mean you can easily afford or make time for one. There can be unseen healthcare costs, and even the regular maintenance such as food can even put a squeeze on your wallet. So how can you enjoy the perks of pet companionship without being a pet owner?

Whether you can’t afford a pet right now or your job requires you to travel, you can still get the puppy or kitten love you desire without the commitment. All it takes is your free time and a compassionate heart to reach out to the animals already in your community. For example, pet sitting can be a fun way to bond with a dog or cat. If you have a friend or family member with pets, you can offer to watch their animal while they’re out of town on the weekends.

Another alternative is to visit animal-friendly businesses. So if you have a dog-friendly bar or restaurant nearby, line your pockets with treats and be the bark of the town. Some cities even have dog bakeries with patios, which make meeting new dogs even easier. Check out Pet Friendly Travel for a listing of pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and beaches.

Making a difference and improving a pet’s life is the best way to connect with an animal. Countless animals shelters around the nation are finding it challenging to accommodate for all of the surrendered pets. But you can lighten their load by volunteering your time to feed, play and support their cause. A more proactive role would be fostering a pet, which would involve you providing a home for an animal on a temporary basis. This helps socialize the dog or cat before it’s placed in a more suitable home. Some programs need fosters for a day or a week, so this option might fit into your work schedule. Plus, with fostering, you have an opportunity to go from part-time caregiver to permanent pet owner.

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience, but it’s important to be financially stable and have the ability to spend quality time with the animal. So when ownership is not the right option for you, try to be more active with pets in your community.

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