Peewee’s cutest pet contest # 5 ( Squirrel or Little Stuart )

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Peewee’s cutest pet on youtube contest . Please vote for who you think is the cutest pet in the comments below . If you would like to enter the contest post a video response of your cutest pet to this video. The winner of our last contest was Ram-a-Doodle here is the link to there video Our new contestants are Squirrel heres there channel link or Little Stuart there channel link is Be sure to go and have a look at Peewee’s website thats where the winners video’s are posted

What do you think?

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20 Responses

  1. TheJawshyDawg
    | Reply

    Little stuart 😀 Ftw.

  2. lister1nePaz
    | Reply

    peewee looks so sad! little stuart

  3. FurryPawFriends
    | Reply


  4. dickballs71
    | Reply


  5. victorias9459
    | Reply

    ohh its too hard 🙁
    Little Stuart 🙂

  6. shadowandinuyasha
    | Reply

    Little stuart

  7. DietrichXD
    | Reply

    hard! but for cuteness its little stuart

  8. sweeneytoddcrzy
    | Reply

    little stuart !

  9. sweeneytoddcrzy
    | Reply

    @FurryPawFriends ram-a-doodle was cuter and that isent the compitison

  10. freerunmessing
    | Reply

    ha ha ha the sciril thing

  11. Dboy4cool
    | Reply


  12. walldoo99
    | Reply

    are you people serious Squrrel has got some talent therre. Don’t be fooled by that cute cuddly white mouse.Little Stewart is just sucking up for some extra food.
    This just in: This reporter has it on the greatest of authority That little stewart is a big fat ugly rat rat in a cute little mouse suit. Film at 11
    PS you really need to do something about that song and the audio quality

  13. mastermisnsterpoo321
    | Reply


  14. purpledummystar
    | Reply

    I think it’s the cutest poodle ever welcome

  15. theravens2468
    | Reply


  16. bendyfulable
    | Reply

    has to be squirrel… cos that’s an agility course@!

  17. wleoradio
    | Reply

    Squirrel be cool

  18. vikilintw
    | Reply

    squirrel 🙂

  19. inousch
    | Reply


  20. snowbell1998
    | Reply


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