Peek-A-Boo! Cat in a Suitcase

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Cat hides in a suitcase and reaches out to attack a pen that I am rubbing against the zipper. Boots was about a year old in this video. I’d just gotten back from summer vacation. He was watching while I unpacked my suitcase, and as soon as it was empty, he jumped right in. He’s about four now, and this is still one of his favourite games.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. fortress1133
    | Reply

    At the end he’s like, “wait, put it back!” Then closes it on himself.

  2. breezeway2004
    | Reply

    i have sent an message to your youtube account to ask you licensing this video. please reply..thanks!

  3. SupaAmi
    | Reply

    That cat really hates pens.

  4. SupaAmi
    | Reply

    @zcsnow Even though I love cats and I own one… the idea of that made me laugh uncontrollably. But seriously… that is MEAN.

  5. SupaAmi
    | Reply

    I would try this with my cat, but I’m pretty sure he’d just freak out if I tried to put him in a suitcase… and jump out. And if I closed the lid he’d probably lose his mind.

  6. PHILSTOCK2000
    | Reply

    girl: Come out!
    Cat: Go away!!!!
    girl: Come out!
    Cat: Go away!!!!
    girl: Come out!
    Cat:Not listening!!!

  7. IMonteCarloSS1987
    | Reply

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

  8. IMonteCarloSS1987
    | Reply

    @SupaAmi It’s not really mean, it’s just playing around. Mean would be locking the cat in the suitcase. :).

  9. SuperGodsangel1
    | Reply

    oh that is just too cute Iove cats!!

  10. chaz9123
    | Reply

    you should just zip that half of the case up then rub it XD

  11. akinoricle
    | Reply

    what a speedy cat šŸ™‚

  12. deykos01010
    | Reply


  13. NoGuff
    | Reply


  14. snicky58
    | Reply

    Hilarious and so cute! I think you have a smart cat there!

  15. phuxxnz
    | Reply


  16. rs4driver123
    | Reply

    Few speculative strikes going on lol

  17. mobiusspike
    | Reply

    fuckin awsome hahahaha

  18. wolfmei5ter
    | Reply

    lmao. what a cool dude!

  19. ByeByeFreebird
    | Reply

    Cat in a suitcase! LOL So cute!~ šŸ˜€

    | Reply

    and thus the cat has remained in the suitcase every since

  21. ToeBaby76
    | Reply

    That really took me back to being a kid again every time that cat popped out it got funnier!

  22. ladyziya1
    | Reply

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  23. brittney12171
    | Reply

    that cat is funny XD

  24. daveytay
    | Reply

    I are hermit kitteh

  25. airhornwaggon
    | Reply

    what a camper! haha, so cute šŸ™‚

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