PEDIGREE® Commercial: Every Dog Deserves Leading Nutrition™

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Every dog deserves leading nutrition, from wet nose to wiggly butt. Discover our best dry food ever, now with more healthy stuff in every bag.

What do you think?

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15 Responses

  1. foshu
    | Reply


  2. GrunnyBunny
    | Reply

    Wiggly butt!

  3. thegr8link
    | Reply

    what breed of dog is this?

  4. Miyao05
    | Reply

    I love pedigree commercials, they always so touching 🙂

  5. spaceghost0918
    | Reply

    Is it just me, or is that a picture of a sperm fertilizing an egg at 0:06???

  6. missbee1015
    | Reply

    @spaceghost0918 oh geez steven

  7. FGDTeevee
    | Reply

    its pronounced VIT-A-MIN Not VITE-A-MIN

  8. MrYuri211
    | Reply

    What kind of cute dog is that?! It’s soo cute!

  9. MGMfreak102
    | Reply

    from wet nose…to wiggly butt.

  10. uncut06
    | Reply

    I’m looking to adopt very soon….does anyone know what breed of dog this is?

  11. Leocamisa10
    | Reply

    @spaceghost0918 it’s the dog fur

  12. Leocamisa10
    | Reply

    @uncut06 i think it isn’t an official breed, like a mix of others breeds. love this kind of dog!

  13. mysteriousperson69
    | Reply

    Yay! David Duchovny!!

  14. Redworld1980
    | Reply

    A Kromie!

    Very rare in the US, but semi popular in Northern Europe

  15. trixieley11
    | Reply

    “From wet nose… to wiggly butt.” LMBO!

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