PBR Bull Doo Dad, Sire to Zorro, Stupid Pet Video

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

In loving memory of Doo Dad. Doo Dad died November 3, 2009. I loved that bull and miss him. Wilfong Bucking Bulls, home to Doo Dad the sire of PBR bull Zorro. Doo Dad aka “Doodie” is 18 yrs old. He was one of the few bulls who bucked off Tuff Hedeman turning back into his hand. Doodie makes this funny face whenever I scratch his back. It’s not so funny when somebody other than me is in his pen:). He still runs Bob or anyone else up the fence. Wilfong Bucking Bulls bred and raised PBR/NFR bulls Voodoo Child, Microchip, 82 Pudd, Turkey Track, 121/0 Dark Side, Total Darkness, Prince of Darkness, 6 Whisker Burn, W3 Vanilla Ice, 302 W Wilfong, 608 Feed Trough, 296 Ringo, 542 Bojangles, 708 Sam’s Town, 31 Spike, 415 Big Rig, 515 Iron Broke and many others. www.wilfongbuckingbulls.com

What do you think?

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21 Responses

  1. Gesmehod
    | Reply

    Hehe, this vid made me feel warm and fuzzy for some reason. Not sure why I clicked on it..

  2. cnrlivestock
    | Reply

    Great to see the old man looking good. I know that he enjoys being taken of by you all.

  3. spankysmith1959
    | Reply

    Our cousin, Chuck, owns Zorro. It is great to see a video of Zorro’s dad. Everyone thinks these bulls are mistreated; they are so wrong. When Chuck pulls into an event he makes sure his bulls are all ok; fed and watered before he even attempts to eat. He has missed many a meal but the bulls sure don’t.

  4. gryphonkeen
    | Reply

    i’ve never seen an old bull before. I love it. Glad so see at least one was allowed to live out his life.

  5. scoobzmyman
    | Reply

    he made me smile…funny face….he’s a happy ol man aint he? 🙂

  6. PocoLenaCutting
    | Reply

    A Supper Star

  7. rickeydee09
    | Reply

    wow that’s amazing..was Doo Dad walking towards you when u walked away?? cause i mean we have cows too..but once they get so big and they are bulls, we tent to stay out of the pen..no matter how tame they were before…

  8. stylishranchgirl
    | Reply

    Yes, he would always walk to me positioning his side so I could rub his back. He was very smart. He’d let you know where to rub him. He use to run everyone up the fence, but at the very end Bob could pet him, too. He was great.

  9. rickeydee09
    | Reply

    that is so awesome!!!!!!

  10. PitambarTheRedBull
    | Reply

    It;s nice he lived to a good age. I guess as a granpa he mellowed out. Must have been amazing in his day!

  11. PitambarTheRedBull
    | Reply

    Thats really great spankysmith1959

  12. MonsterFactoryBulls
    | Reply

    This is an awesome video of ol’Doo Dad. Thanks Mel, for sharing!

    I just wish I’d had the pleasure of getting on him in his prime, even though with my track record, he’da thrown me in the fence lol

  13. lshade521
    | Reply

    definitely some brahman in him…not sure what else.angus maybe?

  14. stylishranchgirl
    | Reply

    @lshade521 Yes, he’s part brahmer and I can’t remember what else, although I don’t think angus.

  15. Dodge5410
    | Reply

    what song is that? cute video haha 🙂

  16. lemario123
    | Reply

    Hey what song is that its really catchy

  17. stylishranchgirl
    | Reply

    @lemario123 Whistle Stop from Robin Hood

  18. stylishranchgirl
    | Reply

    @Dodge5410 Whistle Stop from Robin Hood

  19. stylishranchgirl
    | Reply

    @MonsterFactoryBulls 🙂 Thank you!:)

  20. DaisyDutches
    | Reply

    These bulls definatly get well treated! Its very cool to see that he had such a good friend care for him! He was a beautiful bull!

  21. Azzawakhe
    | Reply

    Cute! =)

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