Parrot Trick Training – Step 1 – Clicker Conditioning

We don’t trick train our parrots so that they can do cute little tricks… We trick train them so they can utilize their incredibly intelligent minds. We trick train them to form a closer bond with them. We trick train them because they want to work for their food! In the wild they spend 80% of their day working for their food in the hopes that they might find a meal.

If you are interested in learning how to trick train your bird, I’ve created a brand-new group where I will give you everything you need to know….FREE!

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  1. if you cant buy a clicker. Buy a lighter then clicks and just take out the fire stuff inside.

  2. glpezz1121 says:

    I just started today with this and found your videos. How long do you need to do the clicker conditioning before you move on to the next step?

  3. CityOfBirds says:

    What are u using as a treat

  4. YellowPlummbobb says:

    Is it possible to train Parakeets using clickers?

  5. Daniel Rizky says:

    how many days for do this condition?

  6. Blue Dragon says:

    tell me a shop i will buy clicker easily.Thanks

  7. Joanne Eames says:

    Hi, I am using this example for an assignment at uni and was wondering how old ziggy is? and also if there are any other factors such as arousal which may affect his learning in this video, Thanks.

  8. jenna65453 says:

    Hi there! i have 2 cockatiels that im trying to do this with. my oldest is a pro at it, but my younger one seems to have no interest… and he does love the treats im using! do you have any suggestions?

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